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Notes on male ballet dancers

February 2, 2016

Two recent items passed on to me by Mike McKinley: one a photograph of young male dancers at the barre, the other a video compilation of dancer Joseph Gatti in an assortment of his roles. The photograph, found on a Facebook page (where it wasn’t identified in any way: where? when? who are they? who was the photographer?):


The Gatti compilation can be viewed here; it has some remarkable stuff.


Morning name: John Varvatos

January 24, 2016

The menswear guy, especially coats and footwear (shoes, boots, even Varvatos Converse sneakers — high end sneakers, at $100 to $140 each), though now he’s branched out in other directions: men’s fragrances and recordings, in particular. You can view a short commercial for the John Varvatos Fall 2015 Menswear Collection here. It’s a pas de deux between two beautiful fashion models (beautiful in two different ways), Nick Rea and Jonas Kesseler, left and right in this still at the end of the ad:


The ad focuses on their coats and, in frequent shots, their boots. And it has a haunting sound track, “Old Bones”, performed by Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown (on, yes, John Varvatos Records).


A piece of male art

January 16, 2016

From Chris Ambidge a little while back, this arresting piece of sculpture in the form of a human body — a collaboration between model and photographer to yield an image that looks like something made of a silvery metal. In a pose that reminded Chris of photos I’ve posted of male ballet dancers executing movements that make them appear to be flying in mid-air; but this man is posing supported:

An extraordinary, almost hyper-real body in a remarkable pose.


Calendrical hunks

December 22, 2015

Two male-hunk calenders, one with an image for the Christmas season. Mr. December from the Meet the Bern calender, supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:


And the cover image from the Calendrier des Pompiers calender, with homoerotic male photography celebrating French firemen:



Professional muscle hunks

December 14, 2015

It started with a postcard from my friend Max:


The card said this was a photo of model Nathan Black, from Body Image Productions. That led me to the company’s website (not especially easy to negotiate) and eventually to the information that #1 was from a photo spread in Men magazine (formerly Advocate Men) by male photographer Ron Lloyd — a magazine that was one of a number of publications that supplied high-quality erotic photography (featuring lots of full-frontal nudity) appealing primarily to to gay men (who used it as jack-off fuel) but also to straight women. The models have attractive (and carefully developed) bodies — they are muscle hunks — which they, in effect, sell: they are professional muscle hunks.

Body Image Productions has an even narrower focus: its wares are aimed specifically and unapologetically at gay men, and they are intended as well “for the physique connoisseur”.


José Parra

December 3, 2015

Assembling materials for my posting on Jack Adams underwear for men took me further into the world of homowear, premium men’s underwear brands (pricey, emphasizing athleticism and stylishness, plus comfort and sexiness, and also homoerotically tinged) and the world of the male underwear models who are used by these brands — both crowded and competitive fields these days. And there I came across this David Wagner photo of model José Parra displaying his muscular body and offering his crotch (and one armpit) in a wrestling singlet (aka wrestler) from N2N:


I’ll be posting a few more photos of Joey Parra (as he is also known), mostly doing enthusiastic cock-tease performances, and also information about some of the homowear brands he’s worked for, starting with N2N.


Les Danseurs

November 15, 2015

(Another posting about the male body, but with some fine photography.)

From the site on the 11th, a piece by Jonathan Shia, “Matthew Brookes’ Ballet Dancers”. Highlights:

Flip through the pages of Les Danseurs, the photographer Matthew Brookes’ new book devoted to the male dancers of the Paris Opéra Ballet, and you might take him for a lifelong fan of the artform. The intimate black-and-white photos offer a personal and powerful look at their bodies, shaped by lifetimes devoted to dance, combining both grace and power as the best performers do. But Brookes, a frequent contributor to various Vogues, Interview, and Vanity Fair who has also lensed campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Burberry, and Berluti, says he knew nothing about dance before being introduced to one of the dancers through a casting director he was working with, a chance encounter that eventually blossomed into this monograph.

… The photographs, shot in a clean studio against a rough cloth backdrop, are guided by an abstract and almost sculptural sense of form. There are no arabesques or pirouettes, just shapes and compositions reminiscent of flowers and what Brookes calls his initial inspiration of “birds falling from the sky,” with hints of Rodin’s muscular sculpture thrown in. The photographer says that his driving instinct was to capture the dancers’ strength as athletes, rather than following the stereotypical ideas of classical ballet as “sensitive” and “ethereal.”


Dance: Friedemann Vogel

November 12, 2015

Another installment on male ballet dancers and their remarkable bodies. Passed on by Mike McKinley, Chris Ambidge, and Arne Adolfsen from the Male Ballet Dancers Facebook page, Friedemann Vogel as photographed by Youn Sik Kim:


Vogel in mid-air: slender and lean, lean, lean, but with massive thigh muscles.


Philip Bonneau

September 30, 2015

Posted on Google+ by Tim Evanson yesterday, this image of a half-naked male superhero, Captain Marvel, that is simultaneously sexy and funny — celebrating the beauty of this broad-shouldered model’s body as he assumes a Captain Marvel persona in a gently mocking way.


From the Flickr account of photographer Philip Bonneau, who’s an ornament of the Atlanta gay community and the creator of a Heroes + Villains series of male photography.


Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex

September 23, 2015

(Much about gay porn, so there’s plenty about the male body and man-man sex, in very plain language, but (just barely) without the visuals. Use your judgment. There are also a few linguistic notes.)

It starts with postcards that Max Meredith Vasilatos has been sending me, including a couple with photographs by Matt Bauer (who was new to me): shots of gay pornstars that are clearly gay porn, and intended to be, but are also male art of some interest. Mark Mason in particular.

To come: material on Mason; then on Bauer and some subjects of his other than Mason; then a digression on what is almost surely a different  photographer named Matt Bauer. Mark Mason then led me to a vein of humor/criticism that I hadn’t realized existed: Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex, intended as a critique of bad gay porn: when you don’t have the visuals (the meat in the sandwich, as it were), you’re forced to attend to the acting and so will begin to appreciate the deficiences of the acting. (In particular, “Tales From Two Cities” Minus Gay Sex”; Mason appears in the cast of the original “Tales From Two Cities” of 1999.)



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