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Today’s hunk

March 13, 2014

(Not about language, except insofar as the question of what constitutes genital nudity comes up.)

From Max Vasilatos, this impressive hunk, from male photographer Jonathan Black’s book Idols:

This image definitely skirts the limits, though it came through the U.S. mail as is. (The issue is not that it is evidently homoerotic, but that it shows a bit of the model’s penis root.)

Male miscellany

January 19, 2014

Not about language, but about male photography on AZBlogX. There’s a new assortment of images (most X-rated) there.

More miniatures

January 12, 2014

From a number of Facebook friends, the food miniatures of Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, from the 1/11/12 NPR piece “Go Where Raisins Swell Into Grapes, And Lemons Light The Sky” by Robert Krulwich. Parisian food photographers Javelle and Ida create miniatures involving food, like this droll depiction of raisins being blown up into grapes:


More art and porn

December 29, 2013

(Not about language, except in the use of the terms art and porn.)

A case in point, a Falcon Studios Xmas ad, viewable on AZBlogX, here. It’s blatantly sexual, an invitation to anal sex.

Contrast it with the male figure study, also nude:



Posture photos

November 9, 2013

From Chris Ambidge yesterday, an Ivy League nude posture photo — an image from an odd moment in American collegiate history. Here’s the photo with the naughty bits fuzzed over:

From Wikipedia:

The Ivy League nude posture photos were taken in the 1940s through the 1970s of all incoming freshmen at certain Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges (as well as Swarthmore), ostensibly to gauge the rate and severity of rickets, scoliosis, and lordosis in the population. Harvard had its own such program by the 1980s. The larger project was run by William Herbert Sheldon and Earnest Albert Hooton, who may have been using the data to support their theory on body types and social hierarchy. What remained of the images were transferred to the Smithsonian and most were destroyed between 1995 and 2001.



September 27, 2013

From a friend yesterday:

Recently the word “selfie” has been showing up, referring to images taken of oneself, usually with a cell phone.

I was wondering how long it takes for a word such as this to become accepted and recognized by you authorities on words.

Two matters here: the word selfie; and acceptance and recognition by authorities on words.


More men on AZBlogX

September 27, 2013

Over on AZBlogX, two more postings with images of men exposing themselves: “More rear views” (focused on butts) and “A dick miscellany” (focused on, well, dicks). Some elegant, some touching, some silly, some mystifying, many sexy.

Cupcake sledding

September 13, 2013

From several friends on Facebook, a link to an NPR story of September 10th, “Photos: Enter A World Of Cupcake Sledding And Broccoli Lawns” by Maria Godoy, beginning:

Lots of us play with our food. But for photographer Christopher Boffoli, it’s become a full-time career.

Boffoli rose to fame a couple of years ago. You may have seen some of his photographs — amusing dioramas featuring miniature plastic figurines in dramatic settings crafted from food — when they went viral back in 2011. More than 200 such images — at least half of which, Boffoli says, have not been previously published — are collected in a new book, Big Appetites.

Boffoli’s scenarios, and especially his captions, evoke New Yorker cartoons — many are dark and humorous.


More Asterixions (with Warhol)

September 9, 2013

On AZBlogX, a third installment of Asterixions — male photography or other visual art amended by the addition of captions (by me) and Asterix stickers.  Fourteen in this set: 3 using Howard Roffman photographs, one with a Benno Thoma, 2 Michael Rehs, 3 Bel Amis, and — new in the series — 5 with Andy Warhol images of men (in various media).

The tone of the background images varies considerably. The first (Roffman 26) is both sweetly romantic and sexy. The Bel Ami images are in-your-face glossy porn poses. And of course the Warhols are all over the map.

Not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

Spike / Marsters

August 20, 2013

(Not about language.)

Earlier today, five tv hunks, including David Boreanaz, the Angel of Buffy and Angel — including allusions to Spangel material, slash writing and imagery that unites Angel and the character Spike sexually or romantically. Now to pick up on Spike and the actor who plays him, James Marsters.



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