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Homage to Marky / Mark

October 4, 2014

(The first of two postings with vanishingly little linguistic comment, but plenty of appreciation of male bodies, plus material on the projection of sexuality in photographs. Not technically X-rated, but certainly steamy, so you might want to use your judgment in viewing these postings.)

First, Nick Jonas paying homage (in Flaunt magazine) to the boy-band star and original Underwear God Marky Mark / Mark Wahlberg (hereafter, MM), in this photographic homage to MM’s famous Calvin Klein photos — crotch-grabbing, abs-displaying, flagrantly challenging, and homoerotic all at once.


He’s pulled his jeans down just for us!


Visual formats

September 12, 2014

(Warning: some material about gay sex in plain language.)

On AZBlogX, a posting about a “cast album” for the gay porn flick Crave. Here, some reflections about this (conventionalized) visual format, an analogue to to conventionalized formats for linguistic material, variously referred to as “styles”, “registers”, “routines”, or “genres” (the terminological issues are vexed indeed) — choices of linguistic features that come together in packages, for use in specific contexts for specific purposes.


Straight guys in porn

September 7, 2014

(Some frank discussion of man-man sex here, but in elevated rather than plain language. And only one photo, suggestive but far from X-rated.)

On AZBlogX, a piece on another of male photograher Jonathan Black’s models: porn actor Chris Champion:

(X-rated Black photos of Champion, and shots of Champion in hardcore porn action, are on AZBlogX.)

Champion is a gorgeous man. But writeups of his porn work note that his performances were often lackluster, probably because he is straight — a gay-for-pay (G4P) actor — and not fully engaged in his work. So: back to the topic of G4P.


Jonathan Black

September 3, 2014

(About photography, in particular male photography, exploring the male body (in this case with a gay gaze). With some reflections on the aesthetics involved. No linguistic discussion, but on the other hand, the posting isn’t sexually incendiary, though it does refer to gay sex acts.)

For some time, my friend Max Meredith Vasilatos has been sending me cards from a postcard set sampling the images in Jonathan Black’s 1998 hardback Idols (Bruno Gmünder, Berlin), which featured gay pornstars (that is, stars in gay porn) and professional models, all of them displaying their naked, or largely naked, bodies (in photos that seem to have been taken in 1995-97). I’ve picked three images, of very different tones, for discussion: veteran pornstars Hal Rockland and Max Grand and nude model Jordan Scott (who has appeared in some soft porn emphasizing muscles). Here are the images; the latter two have been cropped to eliminate the genitals and focus instead on the model’s faces and upper bodies.

(#1: Rockland)

(#2: Grand)

(#3: Scott)

The full images will be available on my XBlog, along with some shots from gay porn. [9/3: Now posted here.]


Airing out the naughty bits

August 30, 2014

(Not much on language here.)

From Xopher Walker recently, a photograph (from 1998, by Keith Munyan) flirting with the X line, the border between sexually suggestive and X-rated. In this case, a glimpse of public hair, but no more:


Visual burlesque

August 29, 2014

From Xopher Walker recently, this image from the American Postcard Co. in 1995; design by George Costaldo, photography by Michael Huhn. One of a set of political leather images — involving Hillary alone, Bill alone, Hillary and Bill, and (below) Bill and Al — sometimes described as parodies, but to my mind better characterized as (visual) burlesques.


Anthony Friedkin

June 6, 2014

(About art, specifically photography, and gay stuff.)

Opening soon at the de Young Museum in San Francisco (for 6/14/14 – 1/11/15), the exhibition “Anthony Friedkin:” The Gay Essay”. From the announcement:

A native of Los Angeles, Anthony Friedkin (b. 1949) honed his photographic skills at an early age and became a professional artist after he graduated from high school in the late 1960s. A variety of magazine assignments took him into the streets of his hometown, where he created vivid photo essays that examined the diverse neighborhoods and touched on some of the most important social and cultural issues of the time. During the culturally tumultuous years of 1969 to 1973, Friedkin made a series of eloquent and expressive photographs that chronicle the gay communities in Los Angeles and San Francisco at the time. TheGay Essay was a self-assigned project and, although largely unknown today, it arguably comprises the most important set of photographs in Friedkin’s portfolio to date.



May 23, 2014

(Not much about language.)

It starts with a postcard from Xopher Walker, a photograph by an artist I was unfamiliar with, Paul Blanca (for maximum confusion, there’s also a photographer Paul Branca, and Google really truly wants to tell me about Branca rather than Blanca): the 1985 “Selfportrait decoration”, a male torso shot, showing a line of chest hair and the model’s (Blanca’s) left nipple, and in between a safety pin piercing in his pectoral muscle and, below that, a white composite flower (like a small chrysanthemum flower) looking much like a boutonnière. I’ve added a caption of my own: “Piercing, man, piercing” (a little pun).


Today’s hunk

March 13, 2014

(Not about language, except insofar as the question of what constitutes genital nudity comes up.)

From Max Vasilatos, this impressive hunk, from male photographer Jonathan Black’s book Idols:

This image definitely skirts the limits, though it came through the U.S. mail as is. (The issue is not that it is evidently homoerotic, but that it shows a bit of the model’s penis root.)

Male miscellany

January 19, 2014

Not about language, but about male photography on AZBlogX. There’s a new assortment of images (most X-rated) there.


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