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The news for penguins

March 7, 2014

From many sources, this story (from yesterday, by Simon Leo Brown), “The Penguin Foundation has a global callout for knitters to make pullovers for penguins in rehab”, about penguin pullovers, in this case from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Melbourne:

Penguins caught in oil spills need the little jumpers to keep warm and to stop them from trying to clean the toxic oil off with their beaks.




Yes, impossibly cute. But does it make sense?

A number of sites — for instance, this one, from 2011 — argue that there’s no demand for the pullovers (in fact, threre’s a huge oversupply, so that they’re just decorative objects) and that they’re not effective in any case.

Penguin New Year

January 30, 2014

From Victor Steinbok, a link to this photo:

Caption: Penguins wearing a Chinese outfit (L) and a bib written ‘happiness’ in Chinese character (R) walk to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise amusement park in Yokohama, suburb of Tokyo.

It’s the Year of the Horse, starting on the 31st.

Today’s celebrations

January 20, 2014

In the U.S., today is a serious holiday, Martin Luther King Day. But it’s also a frivolous day, Penguin Appreciation Day.

Passed on by Chris Ambidge, this fantastical video from 2010 with flying penguins:


Chris also reminds me of Sandra Boynton’s attachment to penguins. Here’s a children’s board book on them:

Santa penguins

December 19, 2013

Continuing a series of trivial Xmas items, here’s one from Kim Darnell that combines penguins and Xmas, in this posting with a video of penguins on parade in South Korea — in Santa suits.

This week’s penguin links

December 9, 2013

From Victor Steinbok, a link to a Columbia Independent School site on penguins, with this nice graphic:

The site has links to real penguin videos, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the California Academy of Sciences.

Three penguin notes

December 3, 2013

From various sources, three penguin-related items: a Pearls Before Swine, a wall poster, and a pop album.


Penguin food

November 25, 2013

(Not much about language.)

From several sources on the net, this elaborate edible penguin composition:

A more complex version of the “penguin food you can make at home” in the second section of this posting from 2011.

lose X

October 17, 2013

Today’s Pearls Before Swine, with the penguins coping with the transitive verb lose:

The trope that penguins are indistinguishable (cartoon penguins certainly are), plus the ambiguity of transitive lose: ‘cease to have or be able to find (something)’ or ‘be deprived of (someone) through death’.

Penguins and cartoon porn

September 25, 2013

Wednesday miscellanea: an excellent penguin mug and a link to a posting on AZBlogX.

The mug shows a 1921 poster by Charles Paine (seen on this blog in “London zoo animals”):


The AZBlogX posting is on the gay cartoonist Josman, with a small sampling of scenes (very much X-rated) from his porn work. Josman specializes in older and younger males (often fathers and sons) together; you’ve been warned.

Odds and ends 8/14/13

August 14, 2013

An assortment of short notes that have come my way recently, on errors, back-formations, penguins, gender roles, and more.



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