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For National Cartoonists Day

May 6, 2014

This morning I discovered that yesterday was not only Cinco de Mayo, but also National Cartoonists Day. In honor of the occasion, three cartoons for today. Then some account of Cartoonists Day, which leads to the early newspaper cartoon featuring the Yellow Kid.


Three for today

April 18, 2014

Three cartoons for today: a Dilbert, a Bizarro, and a Mother Goose and Grimm:





More Family Circus parodies

April 15, 2014

On tumblr, the comic Time is a Flat Circus, with recaptioned Family Circus comics — most not deeply linguistic, but rather dark and pointed. Two examples, from 12 and 14 April, respectively:



Earlier parodies in this posting of 2/2/14: Nietzsche Family Circus and Dysfunctional Family Circus. The cuteness of the originals invitex this sort of reworking.

Family Circuses

February 2, 2014

From Mary Ballard on Facebook, a link to the Nietzsche Family Circus site, offering randomized pairings of Family Circus cartoons and Friedrich Nietzsche quotes, like this one:


In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.


Mashup: Mary Worth’s howl

August 16, 2013

Considering mashups of different artistic genres, Josh Millard offers Mary Worth’s Howl:

Mary Worth’s Howl, by Al “Screwball” Ginsberg [8/15/13]

So, Lauren LoPrete‘s Peanuts + Smiths Lyrics mashup blog, This Charming Life, has been making the rounds; it ended up on Metafilter yesterday, which led to much riffing on other possible comic/band juxtapositions, and I saw someone mention Mary Worth and joked that it should in fact be: Mary Worth and excerpts from Howl.


Lavender and dill

August 12, 2013

Today’s Zippy has Zerbina strumming her version of death metal on the ukulele:


Where to start? There’s Cannibal Corpse and the song “Evisceration Plague”; the source for Zerbina’s burlesque version; and the ukulele as an instrument. Certainly, death metal on a ukulele is risible.


On the Weiner watch

August 4, 2013

Commenting on Facebook on my Anthony Weiner posting of yesterday, Dennis Lewis alerts me to the gay porn parody flick Anthony’s Weener (Jet Set Men, 2011). I suppose it was inevitable.

The front cover of the DVD, cropped so as to remove Anthony’s wiener; the full X version will appear in a posting on AXBlogX:


Being someone else

July 25, 2013

Claude and Griffy muse over identity and soft serve in today’s Zippy:




January 3, 2013

Today’s Zippy has our hero producing yet another burlesque of popular music (for a survey of burlesques, parodies, and playful allusions on this blog, look here):

The song is “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, made famous by the Tiny Tim performance of it on the ukelele (hence Griffiths’s title “Tiny Whim”) in the 1960s.



November 19, 2012

Back from Stanford Hospital since Saturday morning. Things move very slowly on weekends. so nothing much has happened. I sleep most of the day, attended by Ned and Elizabeth. Not yet able to move around much, nor have I mastered the intricacies of the walker, which are considerable, and the effects of the pain medication (lots of oxy), which are complex, sometimes overwhelming.

But on more pleasant fronts, there’s the PBS Nature show I saw on tv (on Friday? my time perceptions are unsteady indeed), about ducks. A “duckumentary”; I suppose that was inevitable. Full of wonderful shots of ducks of many kinds — alone, in families, in flocks.

We were taught that every species of duck is either a dabbler duck or a diver duck. Or, as Gilbert & Sullivan would have it:

Every duck and every drake
Is either a little dabbler
Or else a little diver.

Hey, I’m coming back to life very very gradually.


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