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Plug anal géant on the Place Vendôme

October 17, 2014

Annals of phallicity (and transgressive art). This giant statue in Paris:


(Hat tip to Arne Adolfsen.)

From the Wikipedia page on the artist, Paul McCarthy:

In October 2014, he unveiled his statue “Tree” in Place Vendome in Paris. It stands 24 feet tall and resembles a large green butt plug. This has caused controversy among citizens, who believe their historic square has been sullied.


Flashers abroad

October 11, 2014

This seems to be Sex Saturday, though I have plenty of other things I’m anxious to post about today. But here goes, with a story from the weekend edition of the (San Francisco Mid-Peninsula) Daily Post, headlined: “Cops: Flasher strikes again: Fourth incident in a week” (by Angelo Ruggiero). About a flasher (possibly more than one) operating locally.

One recurrent feature of the Post‘s stories is the euphemism pleasure onself for masturbate (itself a technical or medical term avoiding genuinely vernacular expressions). As here, from today’s story:

The women, in their 20s, looked out the window [of Peet's Coffee in Belmont] onto El Camino and saw a man parked at the curb and pleasuring himself, said Capt. Pat Halleran [of the local police].


Up with the anus

October 11, 2014

From Gregory Ward, a link to a piece in the Guardian today: “Just how ‘gay’ is anal play, really?: The kind of sex that gay men are having isn’t exclusive to the LGBT community. It’s just that few straight people admit having it” by Zach Stafford.


The language of sex and sexuality

October 11, 2014

(High sexual content.)

I discovered yesterday that I’d been neglecting my file of postings on the language of sex and sexuality (covering postings on LLog, AZBlog, and AZBlogX on vocabulary in the domains of sexuality, sexual roles, and sexual identities; sexual practices and devices; and sexualized clothing). I’ve been slowly remedying the deficiencies, but that’s a very considerable task, and there are topics I don’t seem to posted much on. Then along came an ad for a sale on gay porn with an illustration (on AZBlogX, here) of a sexual act that I haven’t posted much about: double-sucking, taking two penises by mouth at once (the anal analogue is called double penetration).

Both the double acts are essentially stunts, not easy to manage and not particularly satisfying for any of the men involved, but they make entertaining fantasy photos: two at once, the fantasy goes, must be twice as hot as one. (The corresponding gang acts, gang sucks and gang bangs, with the sex seriatim rather than simultaneous, are another matter, both in gay porn and, on occasion, in real life.)

The image on AZBlogX also has an unusual handling of gaze. The man in the photo isn’t looking at either or both of the men he’s serving, but instead is gazing directly at the camera — and, thus, at us, the viewers.

lady parts

September 18, 2014

Today’s Zits:


Jeremy and his buddy Pierce, and the slang euphemism lady parts.


How do you spell /fæp/?

September 16, 2014

The story so far concerns three items pronounced /fæp/:

(fæp-1) an exclamation of annoyance, similar to drat!

(fæp-2) an onomatopetic expression, representing the sound of vigorous male masturbation

(fæp-3) a verb meaning ‘to masturbate vigorously’ (of a man)

(The first is discussed here, the others on 9/10 here, where the second is taken to be the source of the third, and on 9/11 here, about the second.)

How do we spell these items? As far as I can tell, the first has only the simplest available spelling, FAP, but the sexual items show variation between FAP and FAPP. What to make of this?


Blowout, sleaze

September 1, 2014

(Warning: This posting discusses gay sex in very plain terms and has images that are right on the X line — between X-rated and nominally for general consumption — but in recompense, there is some actual lexical discussion. Use your judgment.)

On AZBlogX, a piece “Blowout and sleaze” on two pieces of e-mail:

In my mailbox in recent days, a sale bulletin (“Labor Day Inventory Blowout”) for Falcon / Raging Stallion (today is Labor Day in the US) and an ad for a recent Channel 1 Releasing feature Sucked Off in Weird Places featuring Jason Phoenix and a very sleazy Johnny Hazzard. The images and the texts are both intensely oral.

Cropped versions of the images, right on the X line:



Ok, no question about what’s going on in these images, but here you see no acual naughty bits. Note blowout in the title of #1, and in #2, the normally well-groomed Johnny Hazzard (though presenting himself as working class) with sweaty face and greasy hair — definite sleaze. So some words about these two lexical items, then a few about the over-the-top rhetoric of the (advertising) sex for #2.



April 29, 2014

From several sources recently, reports of the Great Northern Jerk-Off. No, nothing to do with masturbation; jerk-off here refers to a competition — like bake-off, a competition in food. (more…)

Puppy play

October 7, 2013

(Warning: high sexuality content.)

In my posting on the Folsom Street Fair, a 2007 poster for the fair including this image:


This is a man in a dog mask or hood, part of a BDSM fetish scene. (more…)

X job

September 28, 2013

Back on the 19th, in a collecion of miscellany, I reported (in item 4) on the porn film title Pacific Rim Job: an overlap of Pacific Rim and rim job ‘anilingus / analingus’. Which made me reflect on sexual X job expressions, a small family of compounds referring to sexual acts, of which three are especially frequent: blow job and rim job (of the form V + job) and hand job (of the form N + job). So to other snowclonelet composites examined on this blog and Language Log (among them, X fag, X porn, X queen, X rage, X virgin, X whore, X drag, X magnet, X Nazi, X slut, X porn, X police), we can now add X job.



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