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A visit with Colby Keller

February 2, 2016

(Though there’s a substantial amount in this posting on art, books, and fashion, there’s also quite a lot about men’s bodies and man-man sex, in very plain language, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Posted on AZBlogX on the 31st, “X-rated Colby Keller”, with five shots of artist and gay pornstar Colby Keller (who appeared on this blog in a 5/7/13 posting “The protean Colby Keller”, about “mail art”, gay porn, and playfulness): three from Mike McKinley, which can be arranged in a sequence, though they were taken at different times: CK unzipping in preparation for sex, CK exhibiting his body, and especially his substantial hard cock; and CK with gay pornstar Duncan Black, immediately post-fuck. Then two from Chris Ambidge: one showing CK doing a stool-lift, exhibiting his very considerable strength and balance; and one with CK displaying a favorite art book (more on the book soon), which had to go on AZBlogX because that substantial hard cock of his is standing up right in front of the book.

Before I get into the art and the steamy sex, here’s a pleasant, somewhat eccentric shot of CK amidst a field of flowers in Maine in 2014:



Toys for Twisted Boys

January 31, 2016

(On sex toys for gay men, with illustrations of the devices, but not on or in actual bodies, so the visuals are strictly speaking not X-rated. Also about the names for these devices, so  there’s some language stuff here. But there’s discussion of the way these devices are used in very plain language, so this posting is certainly not for kids or the sexually modest.)

A sale ad yesterday from C1R (mostly a company that makes and sells gay porn flicks, but they hawk other items for gay men as well), with the headers: “OxBalls Toy Sale! Get Dirty & Play Hard! Toys for Twisted Boys”:


Freezing eggs?

January 30, 2016

A Charlie Hankin cartoon in the January 25th issue of the New Yorker:

Penguins, yes, but also an illustration of how much you need to know to appreciate a cartoon. In this case, you need to know about IVF and the option of freezing a woman’s eggs so as to perform the procedure at some time in the future. (This reduces the chances of successful IVF, but women can have reasons for saving eggs up for the future.)


aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty

January 29, 2016

On our last visit to Australia (in “Bruce Bruce Bruce” on the 27th), we started out in Aussie underwear (the Daily Jocks AUS line), moved through Monty Python and Bruce as a  stereotypically Aussie name (and in the U.S., as a stereotypically gay name) and on to Barry Humphries and two Australian characters he created, with notes on the Aussie celebration of working-class masculinity (amiable crudity, matiness) and disdain for effete Pommies (Brits). At the end, a promise:

For a later posting, on Aussie masculinity (and class): aussieBum underwear, Shearing the Rams by Tom Roberts, and Slim Dusty.

Now’s the time. Looking ahead: two images of Aussie men in their aussieBum swimwear and underwear, a surfer and a jackaroo:




Sporty pro

January 24, 2016

A recent image accompanying a Daily Jocks ad for a special offer, featuring an underwear model in low-rise TeamM8 briefs:

My caption:

Tomás has perfected
Sultry Seductive with sides of
Latino Muscle and
Football Jock Sweat – gets a
Steady stream of johns at his
Hustler stand, with its handy
Sex alcove.

Actually he despises
Football, he’s a gamer not a
Jock – still, he puts on a
Fine show, then goes home for
Scrapbooking and the
Affections of Los
Gatos Perversos, the black tom
Blanca and the white female


From Yoasobi News

January 20, 2016

(Frank discussion of man-on-man sex, short of X-rated images but otherwise about sexual acts in plain terms, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The most recent offer of gay porn under one of the names, Yoasobi News, used by a gay porn aggregation service that fills my mailbox with offers of this stuff. This particular piece of porn came from the Maximum Pleasure site, offering NextDoorWorld gay porn, and this particular video manages to cross allusions to the confessional (where priest and penitent engage with one another in such a way that both are, in principle, anonymous) with allusions to the t-room (a men’s room used for male-male sexual hookups, especially in glory-hole and under-partition sex between men in adjacent stalls, acts that are typically performed under the cloak of anonymity).


butt/booty, dial/call

January 20, 2016

Yesterday’s Rhymes With Orange:

The nouns butt and booty overlap in their uses, and so do the verbs dial and call, and so do the related nouns dial and call. However… the compound nouns butt dial and booty call (also the related verbs butt dial and booty call) are both slang idioms, and they aren’t at all interchageable.


Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

January 14, 2016

(Steamy, but not actually X-rated, images of hot men, though most are NSFW. Some plain talk about gay sexual practices, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Homoerotic illustrator is how the Spanish graphic artist Kike Sorroche describes himself (in Spanish) on his Twitter page. His work includes art for its own sake (usually homoerotically tinged, sometimes sexually explicit), commercial art (often for gay-related organizations and causes), and cartoons (all, I think, gay-themed). He favors bearded men with muscular furry chests (much like himself, in fact), especially in leather, and in general can be characterized, in terms he uses of his work, as mucho-G (that is, really gay, given that the name of the letter G in Spanish is pronounced /ge/, close to gay in English). Publicity for his three-panel cartoons about the character Aday:


(Aday’s adventures at the beach, mostly cruising in the dunes. Un chico entre las dunas is an allusion to Wakefield Poole’s landmark gay porn movie Boys in the Sand.)


Get Sporty

January 10, 2016

(Underwear, men’s bodies, and gay sex, though nothing hard-core, and there will be some material on language. Use your judgment.)

Yesterday’s ad from Daily Jocks, with a racy caption of my own devising:


Sporty is solid working-class
South Boston, accent and all,
Quit high school to
Work construction, realized
Petty crime could be more
Profitable if you had a solid
Gang behind you, got approached by a
Needy fag for sex, discovered he liked
That work too and made a sideline as
Rough trade, looking and acting
Dangerous, slapping johns
Around, treating them like
Shit, but reliably never actually
Hurting them, so now he has a solid
Roster of johns paying good money to
Get Sporty.


Urinating superheroes

January 4, 2016

(Considerable frank talk about men’s bodies and sex between men, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Armed by two recent postings on urinals — January 1st ,”On urinals and the conventions of the men’s room”, and January 2nd, “The news for urinals” — I can reurn to an issue raised in another January 1st posting, “Holiday images”, with a section about a Christmas composition of superhero action figures by Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjo, who distributes photos of his entertaining compositions under the pseudonym Hrjoe. That Hrjoe posting had a quote from a Cultura Inquieta (CI) piece about Hrjoe’s work, describing his compositions and how he creates them. In the CI piece there’s a reference to one of Hrjoe’s works, with five superhero figures lined up against a wall, described in the following way:

Watch as Earth‘s mightiest heroes pee on a wall


At the time I doubted that this was quite the right way to think about #1, and now that I’ve written quite a bit about men pissing, I can explain why.



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