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A note on morning names

March 9, 2015

Commenting on my postings on “morning names” (collected here), which are names that come to me unbidden upon awakening, Mike McKinley makes the connection to something else that might come to a man unbidden upon awakening, namely morning wood, which led him to Ed Wood — surely the perfect morning name.


Color and advertising your preferences

February 27, 2015

In my e-mail, a flagrantly gay ad for the men’s underwear site Daily Jocks, offering (among other things) wildly colorful Andrew Christian items and the Identity line from Curbwear, which allows the wearer to advertise (via waistbands and shirts) his preferences in sexual acts. Underwear mostly goes to my X blog, but these items have a linguistic angle, so I’m posting here. No actual genitals, but plenty of cock-teasing and sexual language, so this posting might not be for everyone.


This week’s bizarre sex act

February 11, 2015

From Google’s service that tracks postings with your name in them, this distressing (French) Urban Dictionary entry for “the Zwicky”:

A sexual maneuver where you are getting blown, and as you are about to cum, pull out, stick your dick in her ear and jiz. When she screams, you quickly haul back and dick slap her across the forehead to shut her up.

“Dude, I pulled the Zwicky on a chick last night, and now she’s got an ear infection

de Zwicks 31 août 2004

UD entries include a great many fanciful ones, especially concerning sex. Most of these are deeply dismaying, many are flagrantly misogynistic.

I feel soiled.

Once -tastic, now -astic

January 20, 2015

A recent ad for Daedalus books, spotted in the latest issue of Harper’s magazine, and no doubt in other bookish publications:

The libfix -tastic, extracted from fantastic, has here been whittled down a bit further to -astic and tacked onto daedalus. (daedalustastic would have been possible, but daedalusastic is shorter and neater.)


Santa jack

December 29, 2014

(This posting has a fair amount of linguistic content, but also pretty much gay sexual content, in sometimes very plain language, plus an image at the edge of X-rated. If such material is offensive to you, or merely unwelcome, please pass on this posting.)

It starts with a bit of language play, turing on an ambiguity in the verb come: between the motion verb (as in Santa Claus came to our house on Wednesday night) and the orgasm verb (as in He came like a fountain).


Verbing awry

December 12, 2014

(Warning: sexually explicit language. Not for kids or the modest.)

Passed on by Robert Coren, this message from the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety:

Looks like they were aiming for the verbing jerk ‘be a jerk, be an obnoxious person’, but missed the potential ambiguity with the jerk of the sexual idiom jerk off ‘jack off, masturbate’.

[Correction: it seems I was wrong about the SDOHS’s intentions, though the ambiguity problem remains. Reader isotopeblue writes:

Actually, if you go to, it appears they’re concerned with jerking the wheel, not verbing the noun “jerk” for an aggressive driver.]

[Further developments: Chris Ambidge on Facebook reports that they’ve pulled the ad.”Officials have admitted that the double entendre was intentional”, with this news report:

public safety campaign in South Dakota backfired when officials heard its “Don’t Jerk and Drive” push and forced them to pull the ad.
Officials admitted the double entendre was intentional, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader reported in its story.
The campaign was based on raising awareness of jerking the steering wheel on icy roads. But, “jerk” also has other sexual meanings.
Department of Public Safety Secretary Trevor Jones said in a statement that he pulled the ad. “This is an important safety message, and I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives on the road.”

Several readers have noted that the story is a lot less fun if the double entendre was intentional.]



December 8, 2014

Repeated annoying ads on television for Teeter Hang Ups, with insistent messages like this one:

Inversion has changed my life and I believe it will change yours.

Well, inversion (in one sense) has certainly changed my life.

The ads are for inversion tables, devices for hanging upside down, more or less, as here:


Then there’s a sexual sense (now dated) of inversion.


Ask AMZ: two queries

November 27, 2014

… from Karen Schaffer: on trickle treat, and on gangbang and gangbanger.


Holiday Xposting

November 7, 2014

Over on my XBlog, a posting on a holiday sale (where the holiday is, omigod, already, Xmas) offering the gay porn flick Everybody Fucks. The title should warn you about the content there: not for kiddies or the modest. In passing: a note on reservation names (one of the pornstars is named Alexander Adams) and a reminder on the argument structures associated with the verb fuck.

Plug anal géant on the Place Vendôme

October 17, 2014

Annals of phallicity (and transgressive art). This giant statue in Paris:


(Hat tip to Arne Adolfsen.)

From the Wikipedia page on the artist, Paul McCarthy:

In October 2014, he unveiled his statue “Tree” in Place Vendome in Paris. It stands 24 feet tall and resembles a large green butt plug. This has caused controversy among citizens, who believe their historic square has been sullied.



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