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Still more news for penises

March 30, 2015

In previous instalments: “The news for penises” of 9/14/11; and “More news for penises” of 4/23/13. And now another bundle of stories: on the first successful penis transplant; on the Banana Bunker, a container for a single banana; and on a fashion article featuring “groin gazing”, of erect penises under clothing.


More male dancers

March 23, 2015

Back on the 10th, I posted on a beautifully muscled and athletic male ballet dancer (and his dance belt). Now some follow-ups, starting with a couple of photos from Mike McKinley (balletomane and former Trock) — another ballet dancer, one with extraordinary musculature, and a male pas de deux (as a bonus, naked) — which led to Matthew Bourne and his paired male dancers.


Dance time

March 10, 2015

(Mostly about the display of men’s bodies.)

Passed on by Mike McKinley, this ad for the company So Danca, specializing in “quality dancewear and dance shoes” and featuring Houston Ballet soloist Aaron Robison:


A hymn to the dancer’s muscularity and intense masculinity, accentuated by that dance belt.


critique your dick pic

March 4, 2015

That’s the name of a site devoted to criticism of photographs — of penises. “Critiquing your dick pics with love”, says the Critic (who I will refer to with generic they, since they view their sex as irrelevant to the enterprise). (There is some evidence that they are in New Zealand: they use the grading scheme from a high of A+ to a low of D- because that’s what’s used in New Zealand schools; certainly the lexical choices are British rather than American.)

People send photographs of penises in to the Critic, who then provides a thoughtful critique of the photography (not the penis), with a summary grade. There are two sample photos on AZBlogX, here: the mince photo and the duvet photo.


From the Oscar watch

February 23, 2015

I don’t watch the Oscars shows, but you can’t avoid being exposed to information about them and images from them. So this shot of host Neil Patrick Harris (apparently in an allusion to the movie Birdman) from yesterday’s show came my way:


Shirtless, showing off his carefully tended body, and in snug briefs, showing off a nice but not extravagant package, in the fashion of underwear ads for many many years. This is the Neil Patrick Harris of, among other things, Doogie Howser, M.D.; How I Met Your Mother; and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


Veins are the new abs

February 17, 2015

In the March Details magazine (pp. 137-8), the story “You’re So Vein” (by Kayleen Schaefer), with the subtitle “Gymgoers may have stopped shedding their shirts, but they’re still showing off their lean, fantastically fit physiques”. The story begins:

Fear not, gym dandies: just because it’s gauche to go topless to show off your physique in this post-Jersey Shore world, the fantastically fit are still engaging in a highly visible vain pursuit – namely, veins.

Cephalic vein at the gym:



Tennis elbow

January 12, 2015

Today’s Rhymes With Orange, with a kind of visual pun:

(A related pun in Rhymes, from 6/24/12: Venice elbow.)


On the bunion watch

January 7, 2015

I am afflicted by bunions, on both feet, but much worse on the right. Variably painful, occasionally cripplingly so; these bouts are not really predictable, but low air pressure seems to be a trigger. And the swelling makes it hard to find shoes I can wear.

So: painful and somewhat crippling, but still people tend to find the affliction risible — because they find the word bunion silly.


New Year’s specials

January 2, 2015

[Bluntly sexual language here, though the images are elsewhere.]

On AZBlogX, a posting “For the new year”, with two displays of penises. From that posting:

All about the cocks, but in different ways. The guy in #1 [an ad for a Channel 1 Releasing New Year’s Eve sale] is gearing up to double his fun by taking on two diverse cocks, but he’s not yet into the act; instead, he’s gazing directly and intently at us (the viewers).

The man in #2 [a New Year’s gift from Mike McKinley] is displaying his dripping dick, in a drawing (“Resting After Work”) that conveys intense physicality and urgent sexuality.

The drawing is a 1987 work by Roger Payne, using the pseudonym Mark, from the Tom of Finland site. More examples of his work on the Adonis Art site, with the write-up:

Artist and illustrator Roger Payne has made his regular living by illustrating books and magazines for schools and universities, companies and local authorities. But always he had a secret sideline in illustrating stories in American gay magazines. At first he signed his drawings with a pseudonym, then with his first name, and now quite openly signs them with his full name if he wants to. His drawings are openly pornographic, depicting the action in the stories he is illustrating. But the high standard and consistency of his drawing style have created a cult following amongst afficianados of ‘under the counter’ art. Drawing out of his prodigious imagination, he creates powerful images, presenting the inner emotions of his subjects to full view. Still drawing into his eighth decade, Payne is artist with collectors all over the world.

Set of three

December 27, 2014

A crop of three comics for today, on three very different topics: a One Big Happy with an inventive reinterpretation of an expression; a Zits on the evolution of writing systems; and a Zippy with another Xmas parody:




One by one:



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