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Like Father, Like Son

December 1, 2015

Over on AZBlogX, a long and fairly intricate posting about the gay porn flick Like Father, Like Son (LFLS), which came up as the focus of the Titan Cyber Monday sale. There are 19 images in the posting, all of them except the first (the image in the ad) unquestionably X-rated, so that posting is not for the kiddies or the sexually modest. (I’ll look at the first image below.) There are occasional flickers of linguistic interest, but they are scarcely the point.

The theme of the flick is intergenerational sex between men, centering on two young men who are best buddies and also sex partners, and on their fathers. The sons seek sex with older men as well as with one another, and they contrive to arrange things so that each will have sex with the other’s father, thus satisfying their desires while avoiding the incest taboo: I won’t do my dad (that would be icky), but I’ll do yours, bro (that would be hot hot hot). This sets up a complex symmetry of a sort worthy of comic opera, with the additional wrinkle that all the characters are randy gay men (with, of course, monumentally huge penises, which the sons inherited from their fathers), so everyone wants to have sex with everyone else, except for the father-son pairings.


The revolution in men’s underwear

November 28, 2015

I start with yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, with a Black Friday sale:


Knocked Down

They put him on a Black Friday
Half-off sale, he felt

(The briefs in the photo are apparently 2(X)IST Sweats Briefs, which are in the Daily Jocks sale in Earl Grey and Very Blue — normally $28 each, $14 on sale — but not in the vivid red shown above.)

Daily Jocks offers a number of lines of what have come to be called premium brands, emphasizing not just comfort but also style and sexiness, and in cost a step up from basic brands like Fruit of the Loom and Jockey. In fact, the world of men’s underwear has undergone a kind of revolution, from the days when 75% of men’s underwear purchases were made by women to the current scene, where only 25% are; men have become fashion-conscious and are shopping for themselves these days. Meanwhile, underwear modeling has gone from just a routine specialty in male modeling to a high-fashion specialty; men with good looks and hot bodies vie with one another for modeling jobs, and celebrities in sports and entertainment are courted by premium brands (for big bucks) to represent them in advertising.

Now the next stage: from premium brands to luxury brands. On to a wonderful piece by Guy Trebay in the NYT‘s Styles section on the 26th:  “As Personal as Luxury Gets: Men’s underwear goes premium, entering triple-figure territory” (head in print), “A Pair of Boxers for $400? Men’s Underwear Goes High-End “ (head on-line).


Annals of curvature

November 28, 2015

(About men’s bodies, not much about language.)

Item 1: posted on AZBlogX today, “You go your way and I’ll go mine”, with a sexy, sweet, and (I think) funny photo of two men in bed: one with a notably upcurved penis, the other with a notably downcurved one.

Item 2: a link to the XBlog posting has been added to the “Angle and curvature” Page under the larger XWriting page (which has essays from my XBlog or about XBlog materials).

Item 3: a listing of postings about the gay pornstar Ken Ryker, with a penis that is not only famously large but also downcurved

11/30/10: Phallicity: Falcon SuperCocks:
Tom Chase, Ken Ryker, Eric Hanson, Jeremy Penn
[Pornstar dildos. Note: In the photo of Ryker, his penis is strongly downcurved, but the dildo is (ahem) straight as an arrow. Well, silicone-rubber dildos aren’t nearly as flexible and adaptable as actual penises.]

12/24/12: Hammond organs:
Steve Hammond, Jeff Hammond; mention of ubermanly gay pornstars — Mike Branson, Ken Ryker, Steve Hammond, Ryan Idol, Jeff Stryker, Rex Chandler – and frankly hungry bottoms like Joey Stefano, Kevin Williams, Kevin Wiles, Tag Adams

1/10/13: The Ken Ryker files:
Ryker showing off his penis in Renegade

1/12/13: A matter of size:
on penis size, with extensive discussion of Ken Ryker

3/13/14: Today’s hunk:
Ken Ryker (photo from Jonathan Black, Idols)

10/13/14: traps:
on the trapezius muscles, with two photos of Ken Ryker’s

An underwear Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, wishing us Happy Thanksgiving through a stud with a carefully sculptured body, wearing an Ibiza Brief in white, from Marcuse; and, as it turns out, offering gift boxes and gift vouchers “for a friend, partner, or even yourself!”


On to a model of sad countenance showing off these briefs:


He despaired of
Returning to Ibiza,
Having only these
Briefs to remind him of
Gay days in the sun.

He takes us to the Voucher Boys, Red and Yellow:


The boys are wearing Rugger Jr. shorts from BCNU, in navy blue (with red trim and red-themed socks) and grey (with yellow trim and yellow-themed socks).

They’d been teammates and
Lovers for six years now, but
Hung back from talking about
Kinks: did Red’s red mean
Fist-fucking and Yellow’s yellow mean
Piss, or were they just
Color preferences?

Notes below the fold.


Penises, poppers, and piercings, oh my!

November 23, 2015

Yes, a posting about men’s bodies and gay sex, but without pictures (those are on AZBlogX, in a posting entitled “The news for penises, Thanksgiving edition”). Still, not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

Photo #2 on AZBlogX shows a guy with a huge hard-on, an industrial-strength metal cock ring, and some kind of penile piercing — improving the experience even more by inhaling poppers. Popper Man is a compendium of clichés of sex in the gay male world. (Cock rings, poppers, and piercings are of course not restricted to gay men, but they are especially prevalent in the gay world and are stereotypical there.)


Rushing Sugar

November 19, 2015

The latest ad from the Daily Jocks company, with a caption:


The head-scratcher

He didn’t know
Where he was or
How he got there;
Last he remembered,
He was rocking to
“El Bimbo” at the
Blue Oyster Bar, in his
Pink and blue jockstrap,
With a really
Who called him

Some notes:


The news for penises: omnibus edition

November 18, 2015

On AZBlogX, a series of five postings with penises as the unifying theme. All five are highly X-rated, not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

11/17/15: Cockfest #1: the basic offer (link): offer of an erect penis to suck

11/17/15: Cockfest #2: jacking off together (link): two men jacking off together: competition or collaboration or both?; sickling or winging the foot in ballet

11/17/15: Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy (link): two cartoons by gay cartoonist Josman, showing boy-on-boy action

11/17/15: Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis (link): on a still from the gay porn flick Splash (naked men kissing and sharing their erections)

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling (link): on the gay porn flick The Cum Guzzler Club, with comments on cum play

Annals of miniaturization: Fantastic Voyage

November 12, 2015

(About a movie, rather than language.)

A follow-up to my posting on the miniature world of bonsai, about the preposterous (but entertaining) world of extreme miniaturization in the film Fantastic Voyage.


From Wikipedia:

Fantastic Voyage is a 1966 science fiction film written by Harry Kleiner, based on a story by Otto Klement and Jerome Bixby. The film is about a submarine crew who shrink to microscopic size and venture into the body of an injured scientist to repair the damage to his brain. The original story took place in the 19th century and was meant to be a Jules Verne–style adventure with a sense of wonder. Kleiner abandoned all but the concept of miniaturization and added a Cold War element. It was directed by Richard Fleischer, and starred Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Edmond O’Brien and Donald Pleasence. It was 20th Century-Fox’s final film to use the CinemaScope process.


Run it up the flagpole

November 11, 2015

On AZBlogX, a Veterans Day offer from the gay porn company Channel 1 Releasing, featuring a serviceman admiring his penis “Wrapped in the red, white, and blue”. Spun as patriotism, but it’s all about sex.

C1R’s slogan: This Veterans Day we SALUTE you!

Meanwhile, Flag Boy’s penis is at attention, and he’s saluting it.

From Wikipedia:

“Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it” [variant: “Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes (it)”] is a catchphrase which became popular in the United States during the late 1950s and early 1960s. It means “to present an idea tentatively and see whether it receives a favorable reaction.” It is now considered a cliché. Sometimes it is used seriously, but more often it is used humorously, with the intention that it be recognized as both hackneyed and outdated. A non-joking equivalent would be “to send up a trial balloon.”

PUMP! Boys and Trojans

November 9, 2015

(Not much about language here — mostly about men’s bodies and the projection of personas.)

Saturday’s ad from Daily Jocks, which led me to a rich collection of images from the PUMP! underwear firm. Four of them below the fold, and there are also notes.


The lost boy

They crafted his body,
Scupted his abs, his pecs, his
Delts, his quads, pumped up a
Killer package for him, but
Nobody taught him
How to box.



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