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Sweet rainbow food

September 13, 2014

In a continuing series, more food with a rainbow theme, this time from the sizable Flickr site Rainbow Sugar, which says:

Anything that is rainbow color and sweet, belongs in this group

(The comma between subject and predicate, marking a breathing point in the sentence (especially with a complex subject), once very common, is now treated as non-standard punctuation, an error.)

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky.)

Two examples: rainbow cookies and rainbow (jelly) fruit slices (with only part of the rainbow shown here; we need purple and blue at the left end):



Huge numbers of rainbow cakes, of course, ranging from the subtle to the garish.

Visual formats

September 12, 2014

(Warning: some material about gay sex in plain language.)

On AZBlogX, a posting about a “cast album” for the gay porn flick Crave. Here, some reflections about this (conventionalized) visual format, an analogue to to conventionalized formats for linguistic material, variously referred to as “styles”, “registers”, “routines”, or “genres” (the terminological issues are vexed indeed) — choices of linguistic features that come together in packages, for use in specific contexts for specific purposes.


More sexual fap(p), plus shlick

September 11, 2014

Background: a posting on the verb fapp (with variant fap) ‘to masturbate furiously’ and one on the exclamation of annoyance Fap!. And now reader Paul comments on the former:

My understanding is that fap as onomatopoeia comes from [the webcomic Sexy Losers]

I do not know when the second p started to appear.

There seems to be some agreement that Sexy Losers at least popularized the sexual verb, whether or not it originated it — and that takes it back to 1999. Also in 1999 in Sexy Losers, the feminine counterpart, shlick (Urban Dictionary in 2004: “The onomatopoeic representation of female masturbation”).

Two examples, with the strips reduced to the final panel, and genitals cropped:

SL #158 “War Games” 10/13/02, in which guys find that long sessions of gaming can improve their ejaculation distance:


SL #166 “Psychology Games” 12/24/02, with both terms:



Further annals of sexual slang

September 10, 2014

Some time ago on ADS-L one of the list members wrote to ask about the verb fapp, which he’d seen in print but couldn’t interpret in context. The answer, from Urban Dictionary:

fapp ‘to masturbate furiously’

where it was said to be onomatopoetic in origin — from the “fap” noise generated by this activity (for males). And there’s fappening (cf. happening), fapping in a group.

New to me, but apparently reasonably well established in some circles. A visual (no body parts):


(Notice the finite clause as an object of the preposition about. Non-standard, but P + Clause is very common indeed.)

It’s not clear to me whether fappening is (in its origins) a portmanteau using the verb fapp, or whether fapp is a back-formation from a jokey fappening.

[Later note: a number of Facebook commenters say that they spell the verb FAP rather than FAPP.]

LGBT stamp year

September 9, 2014

Issued on 7/31/14, this Canadian stamp featuring k.d. lang (in a series honoring Candian country-music artists — also Shania Twain, Tommy Hunter, Renee Martel, and Hank Snow):


lang follows gay artist Tom of Finland (on Finnish stamps, covered here) and American gay political activist Harvey Milk (US stamp issued 5/22/14):



Straight guys in porn

September 7, 2014

(Some frank discussion of man-man sex here, but in elevated rather than plain language. And only one photo, suggestive but far from X-rated.)

On AZBlogX, a piece on another of male photograher Jonathan Black’s models: porn actor Chris Champion:

(X-rated Black photos of Champion, and shots of Champion in hardcore porn action, are on AZBlogX.)

Champion is a gorgeous man. But writeups of his porn work note that his performances were often lackluster, probably because he is straight — a gay-for-pay (G4P) actor — and not fully engaged in his work. So: back to the topic of G4P.



September 7, 2014

It starts with today’s Doonesbury


and ends with shirtless lycanthrophy. In between: Roland Hedley, III, the apps Tinder and Grindr (with some shirtlessness), geosocial networking (aka geosocial), and professional lycanthrope Tyler Posey (appearing shirtless). A long strange trip.


Porn parody cartoons

September 6, 2014

In collecting material for a Page on this blog on webcomics (more Traugott & Zwicky research), I came across Leisure Town, which is not particularly language-oriented, but has had a series of parodies of Dilbert in which X-rated language (with a gay twist) figures prominently. (Yes, a combination of the comics, parody, taboo language, and gay porn — an obvious winner for me. Parodies of comics are common — some are here — and gay male comics are abundant indeed, and here we see them together.)

I’ll review the story of Tristan Farnon’s Leisure Town and its Dilbert detour and then exhibit two of the parodies — visuals from Dilbert, but with X-rated captions.


Three from New Scientist

September 4, 2014

From the 8/30/14 New Scientist, three stories: one with a piece of technical terminology I hadn’t heard before, and two perfectly straightforward stories (on the mapping of Antarctic Ocean life and on the mating customs of the giraffe weevil) with some language play that’s characteristic of much science writing.


Jonathan Black

September 3, 2014

(About photography, in particular male photography, exploring the male body (in this case with a gay gaze). With some reflections on the aesthetics involved. No linguistic discussion, but on the other hand, the posting isn’t sexually incendiary, though it does refer to gay sex acts.)

For some time, my friend Max Meredith Vasilatos has been sending me cards from a postcard set sampling the images in Jonathan Black’s 1998 hardback Idols (Bruno Gmünder, Berlin), which featured gay pornstars (that is, stars in gay porn) and professional models, all of them displaying their naked, or largely naked, bodies (in photos that seem to have been taken in 1995-97). I’ve picked three images, of very different tones, for discussion: veteran pornstars Hal Rockland and Max Grand and nude model Jordan Scott (who has appeared in some soft porn emphasizing muscles). Here are the images; the latter two have been cropped to eliminate the genitals and focus instead on the model’s faces and upper bodies.

(#1: Rockland)

(#2: Grand)

(#3: Scott)

The full images will be available on my XBlog, along with some shots from gay porn. [9/3: Now posted here.]



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