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From the 80s

October 11, 2015

The restaurant Reposado, where I regularly have lunch, plays Mexican popular music, in Spanish (more on this below), on its sound system on weekdays, but popular music in English on weekends, when visitors to Palo Alto might prefer it. Yesterday I noticed that I recognized almost all of the songs, even while I was mostly concentrated on reading and taking notes. It started with Madonna’s “Material Girl” and went through a range of other songs. Here’s a list of the ones I caught, with the dates of their release:

“Material Girl” (1984), “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (1983), “Electric Avenue” (1982), “Relax” (1983), “(I’m) Bad” (1987), “Tainted Love” (Soft Cell version, 1981), “Take My Breath Away” (1986)

Oh my, hit songs of the 80s. The 80s were my 40s, and a very complex time in my life — my first stint at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, my wife’s death, the shift to an Ohio State/Stanford split schedule, and more — but I seem to have been attentive to the music of the decade.

Two things: the categories of popular music, the song “Relax”.


The Exotic of the North Country

October 11, 2015

Today’s ad for Daily Jocks:

Jimi’s father is
Filipino, his mother Provençal, but
He’s taken for Finnish, and
His clients are hot for Finnish
Dudes, so now he knows a
Helluva lot about Helsinki, though
He’s never been there.


Party in the back / rear

October 9, 2015

(There will be some frank talk of man-man sex, which some might want to avoid.)

Today’s Rhymes With Orange:


The immediate reference is to haircuts (hence, the reference to groomers). But then we get to shady business practices and to gay porn flicks.


Two New Yorker cartoons

October 9, 2015

Two recent cartoons: a Zach Kanin on the male body in cartoons (in the 9/28 issue), a Liam Francis Walsh on social media (in the 10/5 issue):




Rocky Horror at 40

October 8, 2015

From the (UK) Daily Mail on the 6th, a feature on the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in “Let’s Do The Time Warp again! Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry reunite with Rocky Horror Picture Show cast for 40 year anniversary of cult comedy-horror musical” (a long and informative title), which begins:

It started as a quirky art-house film that was panned by critics – but grew to be one of the most-loved cult phenomenons of our time.

And cast of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie got together for the first time in 25 years to celebrate the 1975 camp classics’ 40th anniversary for a special issue of Entertainment Weekly.

And the stars reminisced about being part of the musical comedy horror classic in an interview with NBC’s Today on Tuesday.

A still from early in the movie:


Camp classic: Dr Frank-N-Furter, played by Tim Curry, greets Susan Sarandon’s Janet and Barry Bostwick’s Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary

A wonderful show, created by Richard O’Brien, who also plays Riff Raff in the movie (and who, not entirely coincidentally, sees himself as 70% male and 30% female, as transgender or perhaps third sex). A music comedy + horror movie — not the only one, but surely the high point of the genre.

Now a bit on the movie, which will take us (via Tim Curry) to the tv show Criminal Minds, of all places.


Taking the third

October 7, 2015

Newton’s third, that is. In the most recent ad from Daily Jocks:

Action – Reaction

In Beefcake 101 at Underwear Model U., Arthur
Mastered the one-armed pitsntits presentation, but
Nobody explained that it flattened one pec and
Expanded the other: To every action there is an
Opposite and equal reaction.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

October 4, 2015

In my posting on Batman vs. the Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, I touched on the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has an important role in the film:


Now more about the actor, who at the age of 34 has already had a long and impressive career, in a wide range of roles, many challenging.


Philip Bonneau

September 30, 2015

Posted on Google+ by Tim Evanson yesterday, this image of a half-naked male superhero, Captain Marvel, that is simultaneously sexy and funny — celebrating the beauty of this broad-shouldered model’s body as he assumes a Captain Marvel persona in a gently mocking way.


From the Flickr account of photographer Philip Bonneau, who’s an ornament of the Atlanta gay community and the creator of a Heroes + Villains series of male photography.


On display

September 28, 2015

(Captioned Daily Jocks ads, focused on men’s bodies and the presentation of the self in photos, not on language, though there’s a small morphological note.)


All in his head:

In his trancewear, Rod
Re-plays his greatest
Tricks, three seconds per


Travis is on offer:

You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?
You make the move. It’s your move, faggot.


Boy in the sand

September 25, 2015

A Daily Jocks ad, paired with gay-erotic poetry (definitely not for the sexually modest), then with a series of notes.


Boy in the Sand

He erupts from the surf, his skin
Tangy with salt, his cock rising, his balls
Heavy with his seed. We kiss, I am a
Sea anemone, roiled by desire for him.

I stroke his wet hair, follow the
Arrow of his widow’s peak down his long torso,
Down to his sweet belly, girded by
Hard muscle, take him in my mouth.

We trade, he takes me, opens me with his
Wet fingers, I need him in me. Fuck me,
Cal, oh fuck me, fuuuck me! He

Mounts me, panting heavily, fills me in
Long slow muscular strokes.
Breeds me. Gets me off ferociously.

I become a sea creature like him,
Dive into the surf,
Return to our ocean.

(Notes after the fold.)



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