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Startling image for Holy Week

April 18, 2014

In my e-mail this morning, an ad for gay porn from the Falcon / Raging Stallion Studios for Holy Week, with hot porn actor Adam Ramzi posing as Jesus (and the playful commercial slogan “It’s a Good Friday when it kicks off savings like this!”):

I haven’t been a believing (or practicing) Christian for decades, but still I found the image (in this context) unsettling at best.

Eventually I’ll post some X-rated images of Ramzi on AZBlogX and then add a link from this posting to that one: here.

Lurid Easter food

April 17, 2014

Passed on from several sources (e.g. here), this 1957 ad “for the gayest Easter Eggs”:

When this was posted on Facebook, I wrote there:

Wish the text were easier to read. the photos are vividly fabulous. or fabulously vivid.

Only the largest type is easily legible.


Finnish stamp surprise

April 16, 2014

(Almost all about art and sexuality.)

From Amanda Walker, a pointer to this Gawker posting about some forthcoming Finnish stamps: “Finland’s New Stamps are Drawings of Gay Bondage Porn” by Jordan Sargeant on April 15th. Two illustrations:



Neither image shows genital nudity, but both are intensely homoerotic, and it’s hard to imagine either one on a U.S. stamp. It’s not clear that either image is actually of gay bondage. #1 simply shows homoerotic imagery; #2 shows dominance and submission, and strongly suggests sadomasochism,  but not (here) bondage. (Other ToF drawings do show bondage, some show male-male affection, and a fair number are humorous.)

On Touko Laaksonen (“Tom of Finland”) on this blog, see here.

(I’ve posted stronger stuff onToF on AZBlogX, but I despair of finding the links; the program LjSEEK rarely finds anything I search for. But here are two postings I’ve found:

8/6/10: The Tom of Finland action figure comes home (link)

4/19/11: Tom of Finland collages: (link) )

The stamps will go on into circulation in August of this year.

Two porn ads

April 6, 2014

… on AZBlogX. Not about language, and definitely X-rated.

(I have a considerable backlog of XBlog stuff to post, also of cartoons. Material is coming in faster than I can handle.)

Cock in a sock

April 4, 2014

(Mostly a phallicity posting, but funny. You’ve been warned.)

From the 27th, on the leparisien site:

Depuis quelques jours, des photos d’hommes nus, vêtus d’une simple chaussette cachant leur pénis, pullulent sur les réseaux sociaux (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), derrière le hashtag «#cockinasock» («penis dans une chaussette» en anglais). Solo ou en groupe, déguisés ou non, parfois acrobatiques et souvent drôles, les clichés sont largement partagés sur la toile.

Droll indeed. One image from the set:


March 22, 2014

A little while back, Don Steiny sent me a link to an enormous collection of fantasy cartoons, the e-hentai gallery here. All intensely sexual, and none (so far as I can tell) of linguistic interest.


Today’s hunk

March 13, 2014

(Not about language, except insofar as the question of what constitutes genital nudity comes up.)

From Max Vasilatos, this impressive hunk, from male photographer Jonathan Black’s book Idols:

This image definitely skirts the limits, though it came through the U.S. mail as is. (The issue is not that it is evidently homoerotic, but that it shows a bit of the model’s penis root.)

Man plus horse

March 5, 2014

On AZBlogX, six images of naked men with horses, for the Year of the Horse. Half with genital nudity; you’ve been warned.


February 15, 2014

(The title provides a warning for the sensitive.)

On the 11th on Facebook, Greg Parkinson commented on steroid-induced gynecomastia, with this image:


Tom Kirkland followed up with:

What surprises me is … how large the fan base for bitchtits [is].

(introducing the slang bitchtits for gynecomastia; bitchtits would be doubly unsuitable for the New York Times, which treats both parts of the compound as taboo, unacceptable in print; also note the syntax).


Word counts

January 25, 2014

Over on Language Log, Mark Liberman has repeatedly scathed writers who criticize public figures over their word use, especially 1st person singular pronouns, which they take to be a sign of self-involvement or grandiosity. Mark notes, again and again, that these writers never do actual counts, but instead report their impressions — but Mark does the stats, and again and again finds the impressions flat wrong. Now a report in which someone actually cites the counts.

Via Gregory Ward, this Salon piece of the 24th by Katie McDonough, “President Obama has used the word “gay” in official remarks 272 times since taking office: His predecessor George W. Bush said “gay” twice, once in a speech denouncing marriage equality”.



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