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DILF days

June 13, 2014

(Warning: Very high (gay) sexual content in the text of this posting. Pass on if you are under 18 or if such content doesn’t suit you.)

Father’s (or Fathers or Fathers’) Day is about to be upon us, so of course purveyors of porn are offering dad-oriented films. Well, daddy-oriented films, daddy-boy relationships being a gay specialty, in real life and even more in the fantasy world of Gayland, where DILFs abound.


Spike / Marsters

August 20, 2013

(Not about language.)

Earlier today, five tv hunks, including David Boreanaz, the Angel of Buffy and Angel — including allusions to Spangel material, slash writing and imagery that unites Angel and the character Spike sexually or romantically. Now to pick up on Spike and the actor who plays him, James Marsters.


AZBlogX continuations

May 7, 2013

Two follow-ups on AZBlogX (note: not for the kiddies or the sexually modest):

5/5/13: “The UnderGear sale”, more on remarkable men’s underwear, on three models: the UG total exposure guy; a moody hunk in revealing underwear; and an All-American boy in zipperwear and satinwear. Entertainment value, not much of linguistic interest.

5/5/13: “RSS Global, round 2″, after “Global porn”, four more international studs: Jonathan Collins (Hungarian by birth), Michael Torres (New Yorker of Dominican / Venezuelan parentage), Logan McCree (German), and Dominic Pacifico (US Latino). Pictured here in head shots:

These collections of pornstars give rise to questions about the roles of race and ethnicity in gay sexual relations, both in real life and in the fantasy porn world of Gayland. A tiny sampling: in the US, Latinos are now officially hot, and use Spanish-sounding porn names (so continue to be “exotic”), while men of European parentage are inclined to assume “whitebread American” names and so to assimilate to the majority culture.


Ducati and Ares

April 12, 2013

(Following up on an account of the gay porn flick Close Up on AZBlogX, a posting about the first scene of the film, involving Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares — in part about the use of language in this encounter and in part about the the assignment of roles — what I’ve called b vs. t — in this encounter. This is a close call: usually my postings analyzing the action in porn flicks go on AZBlogX, but in this case I thought there might be enough language-related stuff to put it on this blog. You should understand that there’s a lot of plainly described gay sex in this posting, though no photos — they’re already on AZBlogX — so you might want to pass.)


The news from AZBlogX: twinks, Close Up, scruff cum

April 7, 2013

Over on AZBlogX, several recent postings:

First, on “Twinkalicious porn”, X-rated images for a forthcoming posting on this blog on the word twinkalicious (and its variants) — an instance of the libfix -(V)licious.

Then, continuing the twink theme, a posting on “Two twinks” who have come into the gay porn world recently: Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page. Not much about language here, beyond Johnny Rapid’s wonderful name, but another exploration into the construction of identities (twink) and the configuration of (sexual) relationships in Gayland.

Then an account of the gay porn flick Close Up, preparing the way for a forthcoming posting on this blog about the first scene of the film, involving Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares — in part about the use of language in this encounter and in part about the the assignment of roles — what I’ve called b vs. t — in this encounter.

Finally, “Scruff cum”, on men with scruffy or bearded faces with cum on their faces. An exercise in sexual practices, with no linguistic content I can see.

More group sex on AZBlogX

April 6, 2013

Following on “Threesomes and more” and “Easter threesomes” on AZBlogX, there’s now “Manpiles”, which starts with images of men sprawled in groups and moves to men posed in groups and then to group sex, including orgies with many many in them — all from gay porn. There’s only a bit of language-related stuff in there, about how to label some of these acts and events.

It turns out that gay orgy porn is astonishingly popular — I suppose because More Is Always Better — and the makers of porn have poured out the stuff. Apparently, in Gayland, whenever three or more men gather, in no time at all they’ve ripped off their clothes and are going at it like crazed weasels in heat: hot-hot man-man-man-man-… sex. (Except that these events progress through a program: manual, then oral, then anal. Gayland has its conventions.)

[And now: “More group sex”.]


Over on AZBlogX

March 24, 2013

Following on the “maximum availability” posting on my X Blog, yesterday brought a posting with three more captioned Kristen Bjorn pornstar shots: a guy with a whimsical smile, one who looks like he’s flashing, and a bunch of four erect men sprawled in apparent sleep around a living room (wonderfully silly). (Just to remind you that I think of captioning as a art form, albeit a minor one.)

Then a set of amateur porn photos of a friend of mine who’s looking for tricks on Manhunt. Worth contemplating for the differences between amateur porn and the professional stuff. (And if you’re gay and interested and in the Austin TX area, I could connect you. Think of me as Pandarus.)

Maximum availability

March 21, 2013

On AZBlogX, a piece on maximum availability of the body in sex in Gayland (the fantasy land depicted in gay porn), contrasting two men. Another installment in a series about taking things to the max, taking off from Linda Williams’s notes on maximum visibility in gay porn:

8/22/10: Collages Over the Max: piling on of sexual images (link)

10/17/10: To the max: top to the max; two cocks are better than one; many cocks in one scene (link)

Plus postings on dick size and on group sex. There will be more.


January 24, 2013

(Not about language.)

On AZBlogX, three substantial postings on gay watersports (the sexual fetish, not the athletic competitions). These postings look at the Gayland (fantasy) version of these practices and also at the real-life practices (the roles, routines, and rituals that organize this sexual subculture). The first prong is a kind of literary analysis, of the sort I’ve used in talking about Gayland in other postings; the second is a kind of anthropological analysis, of the sort I’ve used in talking about the customs and practices of the (real-life) gay baths in other postings.


Kino Sekigushi

January 19, 2013

(About male art, not mostly about language, though taxonomies figure prominently.)

Max Vasilatos has been sending me postcards from a collection of Kino Sekigushi’s Manga Boys cards (2005), from his Manga Boys book of 2004. KS is a gay French artist living in Paris, apparently self-taught, creating manga/anime — sensual, homoerotic images — outside of the Japanese yaoi tradition of manga, but clearly influenced by it, as well as by the conventions of American comics (link). He draws very masculine young men in close to equal sexual relationships (though b/t coding — roughly “bottom” vs. “top”, see here — is almost inescapable in these matters), young men of complex racial/ethnic identity (as this is represented in the comics).



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