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A dash of ornamental hunkiness

July 25, 2015

(Not about language.)

Caught in an episode of Charmed — season 2, episode 9, “Ms. Hellfire” (1/13/00) — the symbol of solid but amiable masculinity Antonio Sabàto, Jr. Cast against type as a villain, but a charming, sexy villain.


Three on the prowl

July 24, 2015

(The latest ad from the Daily Jocks people, with a caption from me. Not about language.)

Their new jockstraps
Unleashed their
Raw bestial spirits.

Waterside trio

July 12, 2015

(Not about language.)

The latest from the Daily Jocks people:

Killer abs and pecs:
A dance for three

Oblivious to his
Effect on men
Dominates the beach

Wrests his gaze
Away from the
Body he lusts after

Freshly ensnared by
Desire for Tony
Embracing him

It will
Not end well.


July 5, 2015

Yesterday’s offer from the Daily Jocks people, with an intriguing pose and facial expression. I’ve supplied a caption.

I came back from lunch and
There he was, posing expectantly on
My couch, in his cute black
Mini-brief. The note said
I think he’s a gift
From my buddies.

Happy Ending

June 26, 2015

(On the language of sex — but with a fair amount of sex, so this posting might not be to everyone’s taste.)

“Happy Ending” was the header on this e-mail from the Daily Jocks people yesterday, announcing the last hours of their big sale; the caption below is mine.


He got him off, then he
Kissed him off.


It just got bigger

June 23, 2015

From the Daily Jocks people, announcing a sale (the savings just got bigger) and also toying with the idea of penis enlargement. And then there’s a point about the semantics / pragmatics of just, which I’ll get at by adding three captions to this photo:


Get ready for an ambush…

June 11, 2015

(On the underwear and gay sex beat, not much about language.)

The heading on yesterday’s ad from the Daily Jocks people, with this arresting image:

The ad copy:

Presenting the all new Ambush Singlet from Cellblock 13!

The nylon/spandex blend singlets feature dual zippers on the front and back for easy access, and perfect for in the bedroom or out.

Available in red, yellow, and blue.


The Diamond Sweat Short, with caption

June 3, 2015

The latest offering from Daily Jocks: the Diamond Sweat Short from SupaWear, now provided with a caption:

Todd insists on the right
Equipment for the job.

The abs/junk buddies

May 25, 2015

(Not really about language.)

For the holiday weekend, the Daily Jocks site offers a new Neon range from the Male Basics company.

Neon Yellow, the seriously butch, threatening guy on the right, says to Neon Magenta, his abs-cultivating, somewhat swishy buddy, “You can lean on me”. Yellow’s a top, Magenta a bottom, but they like to share their junk with each other. Or so I hear.

Dirk Caber

April 6, 2015

(Some frank talk about (gay) sex, but no X-rated images. Not a lot about language, but some.)

Over on AZBlogX, I’ve just posted on cumshots (images of ejaculation) and (gay) cumfaces (photos of men with ejaculate on their faces). The last of the photos showed a happy cumfaced Dirk Caber (a gay pornstar), and I threw in a full-frontal picture of Caber as a bonus. Now for some non-X material about the man.



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