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Taking the third

October 7, 2015

Newton’s third, that is. In the most recent ad from Daily Jocks:

Action – Reaction

In Beefcake 101 at Underwear Model U., Arthur
Mastered the one-armed pitsntits presentation, but
Nobody explained that it flattened one pec and
Expanded the other: To every action there is an
Opposite and equal reaction.


JockMan Admires MooseBriefBoy

October 3, 2015

(Mostly about men’s bodies, rather than language, and with phallicity bordering on X, so you might want to use your judgment.)

From the Daily Jocks people today, a scruffy, abs-endowed model posing in the sand in his malehustler persona and a basic b&w jockstrap and appreciating the expanding mooseknuckle display of his cute musclebuddy in briefs, posing in the shower (who came to me through Facebook friends). JockMan exclaiming:



On display

September 28, 2015

(Captioned Daily Jocks ads, focused on men’s bodies and the presentation of the self in photos, not on language, though there’s a small morphological note.)


All in his head:

In his trancewear, Rod
Re-plays his greatest
Tricks, three seconds per


Travis is on offer:

You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?
You make the move. It’s your move, faggot.


The steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster

September 17, 2015

(Mostly about men’s bodies and sexuality. But there’s some language stuff too.)

From Daily Jocks yesterday, a penetrating gaze:


The accompanying copy (reproduced here without editing):

Go interstellar with the new Astro range from Teamm8!
The form enhancing briefs and trunks are made from cotton and elastane and feature a thick metalic waistband to give you support where you need it.
Featuring striking stars and geometrics, they are bound to be your next underwear draw favorite!

My caption, using this material:

Astronaut on earth, or the
Steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster

Anthony treasures his Astro time
In space, but now he
Revels in his career as the
Blaster, at $200 an hour,
Out or in.

Now there will be notes.


Alex Minsky and his underwear

September 14, 2015

From Daily Jocks yesterday, this underwear ad, featuring intriguing tattoos and an equally intriguing facial expression (concern? puzzlement? or what?):


While I was contemplating a sexy caption for this photo, I dug around a bit and discovered the full-length photo that’s shown cropped in #1:


Now focusing on his package and his prosthetic right leg.



September 8, 2015

Latest offer from Daily Jocks, with an AMZ caption and some references:

In his guise as the designer
Gabrielle Marcuse.
Marcus created a unique
Line of very low-rise
Marxist swimwear.

References: Marcuse Designer Mens Swimwear & Underwear, Herbert Marcuse.

The power of shorts

September 7, 2015

The latest offer from Daily Jocks, with an AMZ caption:

Energized by his new gym
Shorts, Tony became a
Sexual powerhouse, and
With the ability to
Walk up walls.

Flaunting it

September 2, 2015

About the display of the male body, but also about gesture and facial expression.

Today, from the Daily Jocks people, an ad for products from the Pump! firm, specifically for a line of socks for working out, but with links to the company’s larger catalogue, which tends to feature underwear models “projecting steamy desirability” (as I put it in my Rafael Nadal posting) — in fact projecting a male-hustler persona while teasingly flaunting the pleasures of their bodies.

There’s shirt-lifting (focused on the abs), pants-lowering in the front (pointing towards the crotch), pants-lowering in the back (pointing towards the butt-crack), and armpit displays. The models stare intently into the viewers’ eyes, narrowing their own eyes (signalling arousal combined with dominance, rather than anger), and sometimes opening their lips slightly (another sign of arousal). They are scruffily hypermasculine, projecting not fitness and athleticism, but intense, even urgent, sexuality.


To exist

August 28, 2015

The current ad from Daily Jocks, with an intensely reflective underwear model and an AMZ caption:

In the ghostly green-
Blue light of the
Organometron, Brandon
Became obsessed with the
Power and beauty of
His crotch.

On the fashion front

August 27, 2015

(Another excursion into displays of the male body.)

Recent hot news in the fashion world: tennis great Rafael Nadal has moved from mere sexy (mostly shirtless) fashion modeling (for Armani) to hard-core underwear modeling (for Tommy Hilfiger). Here he is, just barely in his Tommys and projecting steamy desirability:


This is a performance, entirely self-aware, of body display, designed to provoke desire in straight women and gay men and to inspire envious imitation in men, straight or gay (as I sometimes say, the aim is for the first to fantasize doing him, the second being him). Rafa presents himself just the way men who make their livings as underwear models do; see my other postings on underwear models, for example my Daily Jocks postings.

Rafa is good at this, and he’s experienced: see photos #1, #3, and (from his Armani days) #4 in my “Tennis hunks” posting.

Meanwhile, a fair number of celebrated male athletes have done modeling, and of course they’ve posed for photographs for publications like Men’s Health and magazines in their sports (where they serve as models of athleticism and fitness), in addition to being caught unposed in other photos. But very few of these men achieve anything like Rafa’s presentation of self, and most wouldn’t think of trying. At the moment, Rafa is the Mark Wahlberg of jock fashion.

Now for some examples.



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