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to clean up well/nicely

September 24, 2013

Caught in passing in a posting of mine on AZBlogX about porn actor Boomer Banks (I am not making this name up), who’s notable (at least) for his very long and thick cock (illustrated in my posting), this item in his Rentboy ad (image #3 in the posting):

(1) I clean up well

conveying that Banks can make himself presentable as an engaging companion for social occasions as well as serving as a hot and sweaty sexual partner.

The idiom to clean up well/nicely is a “reflexive/middle-voice” verbal: (1) is roughly paraphrasable as “I clean myself up well” or “I can be cleaned up well/easily”. That is, the referent of the subject is the Patient (the affected participant) in the event, rather than the Agent. Compare the classic This book reads easily.


Miscellany for 9/19/13

September 19, 2013

Twelve items that have come by me recently.


AZBlogX: rear view, full frontal, harnesses

September 18, 2013

Over on AZBlogX this morning, three postings: two with images sent to me by Chris Ambidge (seven celebrating male butts, in a variety of settings, in “Rear views”; and four celebrating penises, in “Full frontal”), plus one posting on “Harnesses”, inspired by an image of a leather hunk in a cross harness in “Rear views”.

The images in “Rear views” aren’t X-rated, but they’re of no particular linguistic interest. The images in “Full frontal” are, of course, all X-rated. Only one of the images in “Harnesses” is X-rated, but the posting is drenched in sexual content. On the other hand, there’s some discussion of “flagging” one’s sexual interests (communicating these in public) by choice of clothing.

Saturday morning showoff

September 14, 2013

The cover of the August/September 2013 Instinct magazine, with (as usual) male eye candy:


Given the sexy photo, I expected the Putignano piece to be about so-called “sex addiction”, but in fact it’s about drug addiction.



September 9, 2013

(Not much about language.)

Catching up on old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer this morning, I noted that though I’ve posted about two of the hunky male characters (Angel and Spike), I neglected some of the others, most especially the central character Xander (played by Nicholas Brendon) and Buffy’s love interest for several seasons Riley (played by Marc Blucas). I didn’t find really stunning shirtless photos of them separately, but I did come across a manip (on the term, see here) of the two of them in carnal congress, Riley screwing Xander (viewable on AZBlogX, here).


Cyrus – Timberlake

September 1, 2013

It seems to be a Chuck and Beans morning (see here and here). Now an up-to-the-moment strip:


The two stories: Miley Cyrus and twerking (coverage on this blog here), and the casting of the next Batman movie (which will bring us to Justin Timberlake and then to other actors).


BK twink

August 22, 2013

(Not about language.)

Omitted from my last posting on more television hunks. the earlier history of Brian Krause (Leo in Charmed, 1998-2006). In his very early 20s, Krause did Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991), in which he appeared as a cute blondish curly-haired twink (in preposterous demi-costumes).


Television hunks, separately and together

August 22, 2013

Previously on Shirtless Television, David Boreanaz (Angel in Buffy) and James Marsters (Spike), plus Spangel (Spike/Angel) slash imagery. More Spangel images are now on AZBlogX, in “Television notes” (#3, #4, and #5), along with a Leo/Cole image, putting together two characters from the series Charmed, Leo Wyatt (played by Brian Krause) and Cole Turner (played by Julian McMahon). On to a shirtless Krause and to McMahon and his Nip/Tuck co-star Dylan Walsh, shirtless together.



August 21, 2013

(Only a little bit about language.)

In assembling material about shirtlessness, I came across this arresting photo:


This from a site that has a lot on knitting and men’s bodies, among other things. The poster’s caption:

I have a thing for hairy forearms, calves, and thighs. And a beautiful face. Call me gay if you want.

He is definitely gay. And I share his tastes.


Spike / Marsters

August 20, 2013

(Not about language.)

Earlier today, five tv hunks, including David Boreanaz, the Angel of Buffy and Angel — including allusions to Spangel material, slash writing and imagery that unites Angel and the character Spike sexually or romantically. Now to pick up on Spike and the actor who plays him, James Marsters.



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