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Five television hunks

August 20, 2013

(Not about language, except for a couple portmanteaus towards the end. The last image is not SFW.)

Seeing James Marsden on the cover of the latest Out magazine and coming upon a Bones re-run with David Boreanaz in it led me to various sites that pick “the sexiest men” — on television, in the movies, in the world, whatever. Pure silliness, of course, but it brightened my morning with shirtless shots of these two television actors and three more from the lists: Shemar Moore, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles.


Zesty Anderson Davis returns

August 16, 2013

From the Inquisitr site:

Kraft’s Zesty Guy Back Thanks To Million Moms Protest

Kraft’s Zesty Guy raised the hackles of One Million Moms, a group known for its continual harassment of America’s Sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres and fear of ambient bestiality in network commercials. So how did One Million Moms affect Kraft’s Zesty Guy marketing campaign? It seems, if Jezebel is correct, that their anger served only to get us more of the naughty pinup boy.

Some samples from the new campaign will follow below, along with a Kraft scheme for creating Zestygrams for personal use.


Hollywood Sparks

August 15, 2013

In the September Details magazine (pp. 208-13), a feature, “This Mild-Mannered Father of Five Is Single-Handedly Redefining the Male Ideal: The Love Song of Nicholas Sparks” by Jonathan Miles, about the author of romantic fiction, which features legions of

Everyman paragons of romance, fidelity, hunkiness, vulnerability, and soft-focus desirability that, in the books’ Hollywood adaptations, have supplied hot-and-teary leading-man roles for

many actors, among them Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Shane West, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Kevin Costner, and Richard Gere.

On p. 211, a special feature, “When Hollywood Sparks Fly: How playing one of the author’s characters became the ticket to A-list hearthrob status”, on five actors for whom a Sparks-based movie provided a career break-through: Ryan Gosling [The Notebook], Channing Tatum [Dear John], Liam Hemsworth [The Last Song], Zac Efron [The Lucky One], Josh Duhamel [Safe Haven].


Not your grandfather’s Sears catalogue

August 10, 2013

From the Canadian pandas (Leith Chu and Chris Ambidge) on Facebook, an image from the Sears catalogue of a handsome model in a men’s 4-piece adjustable harness (plus a black pouch, sold separately). Readers marveled at the changes in the catalogue — not your grandfather’s Sears any more.

Here’s the image I got from the Canapandas, plus one of the harness worn somewhat differently on another model:



More photos from the Sears collection of kinkwear and fetishwear in a moment. Here I’ll note, with astonishment, that the collection is called Elegant Moments.


Jockstrap Man, Hutspah shirts, and Nudie Cohn

August 7, 2013

From Facebook friends who passed this image (from Kitsch Bitsch) on:


Clearly a page from a catalogue, offering jockstraps (from an unnamed company) and Hutspah shirts, with the models arranged so that a giant smiling Jockstrap Man dominates the page and the two shirt models (well, the same model in two different shirts) appear to be marveling at the apparition.


Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt

August 6, 2013

(Not about language.)

Encountered this morning: an old episode of the tv series Smallville, starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent. Welling has a sweet smile and he’s a hunk, but we don’t see him shirtless a lot. So I’ll offer three shots of him. Then I’ll look at six more of the 16 actors who have portrayed Superman on screen, and close with one of my favorite shirtless hunks, Brad Pitt (who has not portrayed Superman).



August 2, 2013

Today’s Zippy, officially about footwear:


The sandals theme allows Bill Griffith to introduce the rare verb eschew, the entertaining name place name Hammonasset, and a bit of music trivia.


Manufactured remarkableness

August 2, 2013

Passed on by Bert Vaux on Facebook, this remarkable book cover:


Here we see, apparently, Elmo cheerfully offering his ass to Grover, who’s unbuckling his overalls in preparation for fucking him. With a title suggesting that this is Elmo’s First Time.

The image comes from a website offering “Top Ten Horrible Book Covers”. Well, there are actually 34 besides #1, and those 34 appear to be genuine. But #1 is not.


Odds and ends: portmanteaus to penises

July 22, 2013

An accumulation of miscellanea: portmanteaus, porn flick and pornstar names, (in the continuing Remarkable Underwear series) black lace skivvies, and (in the continuing News for Penises series), the smallest penis in Brooklyn.


Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

July 11, 2013

(Not much about language, but mostly about music, clothing or lack of it, and sexuality. Eventually there will be another shirtless man.)

On NPR’s Morning Edition this morning, a story about Robin Thicke’s latest hit song, beginning:

For five weeks in a row, Robin Thicke’s playful, button-pushing song “Blurred Lines” has been the No. 1 song in the country. It’s a catchy piece of summertime pop, but much of the attention came after the premiere of the song’s video, which features Thicke and his male collaborators — the rapper T.I. and the producer Pharrell Williams — strutting for the camera alongside a trio of models. The men are fully dressed. The women, in an “unrated” version of the video, are nearly nude (you can watch the relatively safe-for-work version here). It set off a wave of criticism, and focused attention on the song’s lyrics, which feature the line “You know you want it.”

The nearly-nude NSFW version is here (#1).

(The women’s breasts, including nipples, are shown in this version, but not their pubes, which are covered by flesh-colored panties.)



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