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Movies and tv: Ian Anthony Dale

June 22, 2015

Caught two episodes of Murder in the First (set in San Francisco) on cable tv this morning and was struck by one member of the supporting cast, Ian Anthony Dale, playing Lieut. Jim Koto. Yes, despite the name Ian Anthony Dale, the actor is Japanese-American, with striking good looks and an intensity in his performance. He also looked hauntingly familiar. Ah yes, the character Adam Noshimuri on Hawaii Five-0, where he gets to play a romantic lead part.

Here he is, smiling attractively:


And he’s a serious hunk, lean and fit.


Get ready for an ambush…

June 11, 2015

(On the underwear and gay sex beat, not much about language.)

The heading on yesterday’s ad from the Daily Jocks people, with this arresting image:

The ad copy:

Presenting the all new Ambush Singlet from Cellblock 13!

The nylon/spandex blend singlets feature dual zippers on the front and back for easy access, and perfect for in the bedroom or out.

Available in red, yellow, and blue.



June 11, 2015

(Not much on language, but some male eye-candy.)

Just viewed on tv, a 2003 Smallville episode “Prodigal”, with an actor credited as Paul Wasilewski playing an intense Lucas Luthor. During the course of the episode, the actor shows off his body in an exercise routine — looking roughly like this:


A serious hunk who works out and is proud of the result.

A while after this, the actor changed his stage name (for obvious reasons), to Paul Wesley, and continued an intense workout program, shaping a seriously ripped (and bulked-up) body for himself:


The Diamond Sweat Short, with caption

June 3, 2015

The latest offering from Daily Jocks: the Diamond Sweat Short from SupaWear, now provided with a caption:

Todd insists on the right
Equipment for the job.

The abs/junk buddies

May 25, 2015

(Not really about language.)

For the holiday weekend, the Daily Jocks site offers a new Neon range from the Male Basics company.

Neon Yellow, the seriously butch, threatening guy on the right, says to Neon Magenta, his abs-cultivating, somewhat swishy buddy, “You can lean on me”. Yellow’s a top, Magenta a bottom, but they like to share their junk with each other. Or so I hear.

Morning: Steve Burton Richter

May 15, 2015

This morning’s name was Burton Richter, the Stanford physicist. That led me to a photo of Richter with a quote from him — and Google then obligingly turned up a photo of soap opera hunk Steve Burton with a quote from him.


Feuilleton: Allan Kayser

April 30, 2015

In a discussion of The Gospel Four (I Won’t Walk Without Jesus) on Facebook, things veered — don’t ask — onto the tv show Mama’s Family, which brought us to Allan Kayser from the show and led me to some excellent shirtlessness.


Feuilleton: Simon & Simon

April 30, 2015

Caught in passing, in a NYT obit for Don Mankiewicz, a reference to his writing scripts for many tv shows, including Simon & Simon, which was a great favorite of my guy Jacques.


The panda shirt

April 15, 2015

I haven’t been inventorying panda postings (penguin postings, yes), but I have two friends who fancy themselves as pandas, so this t-shirt (passed along by Steve Carter and Aric Olnes on Facebook) definitely caught their eye:

This version from the Choke Shirt Company, which says:

Trust me, I’m a panda. Featuring a blend of fabrics that you will never want to take off, this tri-blend tee gives you the fit, feel and durability of a vintage t-shirt. $26

Trust me, I’m a doctor. Ok, of philosophy, sans the medical gear.


April 15, 2015

Just went past me on television: an ad for Magnum Ice Cream Bars:


(from the Magnum Ice Cream site; “Magnum Ice Cream Bars are made with creamy Ice Cream and Belgian Chocolate”). The bars are big in size and big in flavor. The ads tend to feature (female) models with bars in their mouths: both oral and phallic. Here’s model Lucy Wolfert in one ad:


Magnum things are all about size and masculinity.



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