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Odds and ends 12/20/15

December 20, 2015

(There’s some gay sex stuff in the last section, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Four items that have come my way recently, all with some language play in them. Two are Christmas-related: a Green Eggs and Ham tie and a Rhymes With Orange cartoon. One has a jokey wine label. One has a wonderful invented name for a gay pornstar (and that leads to Arab characters in gay porn).


Obviously Lumber

December 19, 2015

An offer from Daily Jocks yesterday, with an image that will be #4 below, from Obviously Apparel, advertising their new Lumber collection. Manly underwear for lumberjacks (and the men who love them). Especially for well-endowed lumberjacks (and the men who love their endowments). Four images of a single model, worked into a story.

But first, a word from Monty Python. You can view the video here.


Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch

December 17, 2015

(The title pretty much tells the story. This is a spin-off from a posting yesterday, and it doesn’t have much to do with language. On the other hand, there are no blunt descriptions of man-man sex or anything like that. Just the jockstraps.)

Yesterday’s posting “Go H+A+R+D” had a section on the Strap Jock pictured in #1 there and its differences from the classic jockstrap. That led me back into the astounding world of jockstraps and the men who love them — a huge and varied world of websites (like The Underwear Expert), companies that design jocks, companies that sell them, and blogging by fans. With tons and tons of photos.


Go H+A+R+D

December 16, 2015

From Daily Jocks this morning, this ad:


Kendall has a rock-hard body and a
Menacing look, but he’s a
Muscle bottom who wants only
Black tops for sex – for years he
Searched for one who would
Humiliate and verbally abuse him
During sex but affectionately
Treasure his cute ass when they’re done
Playing – now he’s accepted M-Dig as
Master, they have matching black
Strap Jocks, and Kenny Boy is being
Fitted for a collar, happy man




The strap snap

December 12, 2015

(Men’s bodies and practices involving them.)

The latest Daily Jocks ad is an offer of Mystery Underwear, with the model apparently about to snap the strap of his jock:

But he might be doing a cock-tease display, suggesting that he might use the strap to pull his jockstrap down — a jockstrap counterpart to pulling underwear down on one side. Or he might be about to snap the strap as a way of calling attention to the package at the center of his jockstrap.

In any case: the ad copy:

One of our Most Popular Shopping Events has started! We’re offering the first 100 people the opportunity to purchase Mystery Underwear for $14.95.

Snap up those cut-price skivvies!



December 11, 2015

(Lots of gay sex stuff in here, so use your judgment.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad:


BCNÜ have launched their all new Varsity collection of sports tanks and shorts!
The slick, sporty gear has been designed for the active man, with form-fitting contouring and mesh paneling for extra breathability.
Both tanks and shorts are made from polyester and elastane fabric and come in 3 color styles so you can match up your complete workout look!

The ad inspired me to write a fantasy short story, in the form of (relatively) long-line free verse.


On the shirtless hunk watch: the Skarsgård Tarzan

December 10, 2015

The illustration:


From a piece in BuzzFeed yesterday, “the first images of the live-action film, The Legend of Tarzan, have been released and they are quite simply [hot hot hot]” by Kimberley Dadds:

The first official stills, featuring Alexander Skarsgård as the main man Tarzan, were released on Wednesday and they’re heavenly.


Supernatural-medical in Toronto: three hunks

December 5, 2015

(Mostly about hunks.)

I’ve been catching up on the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope, which features three hunks, very different in projected persona and body type, but all three given to shirtlessness: Michael Shanks, playing chief of surgery Charlie Harris; Daniel Gillies, playing orthopedic surgeon Joel Goran; and Kristopher Turner, playing psychiatry resident Gavin Murphy.



December 4, 2015

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, offering a sale on 2(X)IST items:

Trapped between
Gymnast Dude on one side and
Sock Freak on the other, he came to
Question his orientation towards
Boxer briefs — what to do?

Thomas Gibson

December 4, 2015

Another in a series of postings on actors, especially on tv, whose work I’ve enjoyed. Today it’s Thomas Gibson, currently playing the central character in the tv series Criminal Minds (which I’ve posted about several times before and will post more about in a while). Gibson had a significant stage career before he broke into movies and tv. On tv, he’s had four meaty roles, playing four very different characters, and has been a dependable guest actor. His movies are all over the map; some are notable failures as movies, though Gibson soldiered on though them as an actor.



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