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Feuilleton: Allan Kayser

April 30, 2015

In a discussion of The Gospel Four (I Won’t Walk Without Jesus) on Facebook, things veered — don’t ask — onto the tv show Mama’s Family, which brought us to Allan Kayser from the show and led me to some excellent shirtlessness.


Feuilleton: Simon & Simon

April 30, 2015

Caught in passing, in a NYT obit for Don Mankiewicz, a reference to his writing scripts for many tv shows, including Simon & Simon, which was a great favorite of my guy Jacques.


The panda shirt

April 15, 2015

I haven’t been inventorying panda postings (penguin postings, yes), but I have two friends who fancy themselves as pandas, so this t-shirt (passed along by Steve Carter and Aric Olnes on Facebook) definitely caught their eye:

This version from the Choke Shirt Company, which says:

Trust me, I’m a panda. Featuring a blend of fabrics that you will never want to take off, this tri-blend tee gives you the fit, feel and durability of a vintage t-shirt. $26

Trust me, I’m a doctor. Ok, of philosophy, sans the medical gear.


April 15, 2015

Just went past me on television: an ad for Magnum Ice Cream Bars:


(from the Magnum Ice Cream site; “Magnum Ice Cream Bars are made with creamy Ice Cream and Belgian Chocolate”). The bars are big in size and big in flavor. The ads tend to feature (female) models with bars in their mouths: both oral and phallic. Here’s model Lucy Wolfert in one ad:


Magnum things are all about size and masculinity.


More pairings on AZBlogX

April 8, 2015

Over the years, I’ve posted (on AZBlogX and this blog) a number of paired photos, in several categories (some labeled as “bookends”), almost all supplied by Chris Ambidge. The most recent crop, on my X blog on the 6th, has three pairings: two of men clothed vs. unclothed, one of a (naked) young man in a front vs. a rear shot.


Dirk Caber

April 6, 2015

(Some frank talk about (gay) sex, but no X-rated images. Not a lot about language, but some.)

Over on AZBlogX, I’ve just posted on cumshots (images of ejaculation) and (gay) cumfaces (photos of men with ejaculate on their faces). The last of the photos showed a happy cumfaced Dirk Caber (a gay pornstar), and I threw in a full-frontal picture of Caber as a bonus. Now for some non-X material about the man.


Movies and tv: Troy McClure, Troy Donahue, Robert Conrad

April 1, 2015

(Minimal linguistic content — but some homoerotic shirtlessness, if that’s your thing)

Two comments on my Doug McClure posting: from Chuk Craig (“I always liked his cousin Troy”) and Christopher Walker (on whipping scenes: #3 in my posting is a whipping scene from The King’s Pirate). So the whipping theme led of course to Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West and his scenes of shirtless bondage.


Movies and tv: ethnic versatility (Savalas)

April 1, 2015

(Minimal linguistic content)

Actors take on roles of all sorts, often adopting another ethnicity as well as another personality. Actors of Mediterranean ancestry, in particularly, are (within limits) often cast in roles of other Mediterranean ancestries (or, by an extension from this practice, in Mexican roles). Here’s the case of Greek-American Telly Savalas, son of two Greek-Americans (who grew up on Long Island, though Greek was his first language).


Movies and tv: Doug McClure

April 1, 2015

(Beginning with this posting, a series of postings, some loosely connected to one another, on movies and tv shows and actors in them. Minimal linguistic content.)

On handsome actor Doug McClure, whose career high point was in the 1960s (something of a favorite of mine).


Hawaii Five-0 hunks

March 14, 2015

(Not much linguistics here.)

In the middle of the night on Saturdays here the TNT network shows re-runs of the current Hawaii Five-0 tv series, so I’m kept alert by acrobatic fistfights, exchanges of gunfire, and car chases all over scenic Hawaii. And the banter between the two principal characters — it’s a buddy drama, a bro show — with significant interludes of muscular shirtlessness.



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