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Classless but far from sexless

January 17, 2016

Today from Daily Jocks: a sale on Marcuse wear, including the swim briefs modeled here by Friedrich (in Bondi Blue) and his man Karl (in Vamper Sky):



Friedrich quips that he and
Karl are exactly the same, he’s the
Bodybuilder model, Karl’s the
Swimmer model — met and mated in a
Historical Materialist t-room on
Ibiza, which boasts the world’s
Cruisiest Marxist colony — found
Marcuse’s unique lines of very
Low-rise committed-Marxist
Swim briefs, embodying
Carnal display and eminent
Fondleability in vigorous

Notes below the fold…


Head scratcher

January 13, 2016

(No sexually problematic content, but not much language either.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, this time for Diesel underwear. With a caption added by me:

Tony came to in an empty featureless
Cell, all in grey, with no door he could find,
Wearing only his new Diesel “Under Denim” Trunk in
Dusty Blue, with its hot contour pouch to show off
His stuff – Where was he? How did he get here?
What would happen to him? And what was in that
Drink that Hunky Dude bought for him?


An eruption of bromanteaus

January 13, 2016

Just when you thought that the ship of bromanteaus and other brocabulary (involving the (North American) slang term bro ‘brother, buddy’, used especially as an address term) had long ago sailed into oblivion, Geico comes along with a recent ad campaign that erupts with goofy brocabulary.

It’s the “gym commercial” for Geico insurance, showing two buddies working out with weights at a gym (one of them bulking up considerably in the process). For fans of shirtlessness, here’s a still from the commercial:

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube here.


Get Sporty

January 10, 2016

(Underwear, men’s bodies, and gay sex, though nothing hard-core, and there will be some material on language. Use your judgment.)

Yesterday’s ad from Daily Jocks, with a racy caption of my own devising:


Sporty is solid working-class
South Boston, accent and all,
Quit high school to
Work construction, realized
Petty crime could be more
Profitable if you had a solid
Gang behind you, got approached by a
Needy fag for sex, discovered he liked
That work too and made a sideline as
Rough trade, looking and acting
Dangerous, slapping johns
Around, treating them like
Shit, but reliably never actually
Hurting them, so now he has a solid
Roster of johns paying good money to
Get Sporty.


Two teases

January 8, 2016

(Not about language, but about hunky guys doing cock teases. Yes, it’s shallow.)

Two images passed on to me by Mike McKinley (with Chris Ambidge):




Morning name: Baskit

December 31, 2015

My recent “boxboys and transitive bottoming” posting led me to the informal English vocabulary for talking about the male genitals euphemistically: package, box, basket, junk, stuff, sack, unit, … (photo #1 there is an entertaining presentation of packages and boxes) — what you might think of as packagecabulary or boxcabulary. (NOAD2 has package ‘a man’s genitals’, but none of the other boxcabulary.)

That posting probably primed me to think of the premium underwear company Baskit; in the very crowded field of homoerotic underwear marketing, the company manages to be profoundly gay, starting with its name.


Extreme underwear, some in rainbow

December 28, 2015

(Mostly about underwear, but a bit about language.)

Stumbled onto the StevenEven premium underwear site, with tons of astonishing stuff on sale, in particular things in the company’s Pikante collection. Two items from that collection: a double rainbow band thong brief, and a piece of extraordinary pouchwear, the Castro bikini brief.


Brendan Fraser

December 25, 2015

Some time ago, the 2008 movie of Journey to the Center of the Earth (based on the Jules Verne fantasy) came by me. It’s a piece of fluff, a fantasy action/adventure film with comic touches, starring Brendan Fraser as a volcanologist named Trev(or) who ends up exploring the center of the earth with his 13-year-old nephew Sean and a young Icelandic woman named Hannah; Trev’s brother (and Sean’s father) Max and Hannah’s father Sigurbjörn were both Vernians, taking the works of Jules Verne to be fact and not fiction, and in the end they are vindicated, but not until the three principals have been though a series of extraordinary adventures.

Fraser is something of a favorite of mine. He’s a very physical and energetic actor, who often plays charming and agreeable (sometimes goofy) characters, and he was a pleasure to watch in this lightweight film.


Trev studies a copy of Verne’s Journey annotated by Max


Pockets in his trunks

December 25, 2015

(Only a little about language here, beyond the hanky code, but there is plain talk about gay sex, so this is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On the 22nd from Daily Jocks, with a sale offer:

Get a massive 20% off the entire DailyJocks Neon Sports Range!  No minumum [note anticipation of the U in the last syllable] spend and no promo code needed + free global shipping! [On the nouning of spend, see my 8/23/12 posting on this blog.]

All made from a super breathable Airmesh and cotton/spandex blend, the jock is a brief-jock style giving you all the front support of a brief with plenty of room at the back [that is, there’s no seat panel], while the [low-rise] trunk features deep side pockets in case you need to keep anything handy.

Available in black and white with a variety of fun neon inspired highlights!

Kent just loved the pockets in his
Neon trunks. For the right, a neat
Pocket square, in navy blue –
Fuck me – or light blue – wanna
Suck your cock; for the left, his
American Sexpress card, to pay the man.
He had a magenta hanky –
Armpit fetish – but never used it, ’cause
Guys confuse magenta and mauve, and
Navels don’t do a thing for him.


More harnesses

December 24, 2015

(Except for the names of bdsm gear and the slang term gimp, this is mostly about sexual practices.)

My posting of December 20th had a section on gay men with a preference for Arab partners that had a piece on Cuban-American gay pornstar Damien Crosse, including a hot picture of Crosse wearing a type of harness I wasn’t familiar with:


Those two straps clearly go under his armits to get connected in the back and then go over his shoulders. It turns out that such a harness (a piece of fetishwear, for sexual display of the body or for restraint) is known as a shoulder harness, or, because of its resemblance to devices for holstering pistols, a holster harness. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a holster harness that has buckles for adjustment in the back (rather than the one on Crosse, with buckles in the front, where the wearer can easily adjust the buckles himself) being worn by a real human being, but I did find a version on a manikin.

Then on to yet another type of harness, the Y harness, and to some other types of fetishwear, in particular chaps and the bondage suit or gimp suit.



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