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Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more

July 14, 2015

I realize I should be out storming prisons today, but I seem to be caught up in actorly stuff again, so no Bastille action and also very little about language.

In the past few days, it seems that every other tv show I see on cable reruns features Jeri Ryan prominently. Yesterday it was an episode of Leverage (season 1, episode 13, “The Future Job”), in which the familiar face that appeared early in the show was, yes, Luke Perry.

I’ll start with Ryan, go on to Leverage, and then engage Perry and follow these leads to some other tv shows.


Fletcher and a trail of associations

July 12, 2015

Today’s morning name was the family name Fletcher. Just that, to start with. It looks like an occupational name, like Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Carpenter, Farmer, or Hunter, but referring to an occupation that is now rare (Carter ‘comeone who transports goods by cart or wagon’, Cooper ‘barrel maker’, Cutler ‘knife maker’). And so it is. From NOAD2

a person who makes and sells arrows. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French flechier, from fleche ‘arrow.’

An enormous number of people have the family name Fletcher; I’ll look at two here, one real (the actress Louise Fletcher) and one fictional (the investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, known as Fletch). But first, the adaptation of the family name to a personal name, as in Fletcher Christian.


Waterside trio

July 12, 2015

(Not about language.)

The latest from the Daily Jocks people:

Killer abs and pecs:
A dance for three

Oblivious to his
Effect on men
Dominates the beach

Wrests his gaze
Away from the
Body he lusts after

Freshly ensnared by
Desire for Tony
Embracing him

It will
Not end well.


July 5, 2015

Yesterday’s offer from the Daily Jocks people, with an intriguing pose and facial expression. I’ve supplied a caption.

I came back from lunch and
There he was, posing expectantly on
My couch, in his cute black
Mini-brief. The note said
I think he’s a gift
From my buddies.

Herrera / Silvestre

July 5, 2015

(This weekend seems to be a Blog Lite period for me, with postings that have only a little to do with language, but a lot to do with men’s bodies and gay relationships.)

Xopher Walker reports that he has discovered from People En Español that Alfonso Poncho Herrera is in the new Netflix series, Sens8.


In the show, Herrera plays Hernando, the secret gay lover of Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s Sensate character Lito.



Shirtless body types

July 4, 2015

My recent postings on shirtlessness showed a fair range of body types for the extraordinarily fit, well-muscled men pictured there, from relatively slim to massive (on somatotypes, see here). And now comes a recently married couple illustrating the relatively slim end of the scale and also the Law of Attraction (“like attracts like”) in gay pairings: the ridiculously cute couple of Olympic skater Blake Skjellerup and designer Saul Carrasco:


(in the Queerty story “Blake Skjellerup Talks About His Husband, His Hawaii Wedding, And How Marriage Equality Is Changing The World”.

Yes, they can share their wardrobes.


More gratuitous shirtlessness

July 3, 2015

After two postings yesterday featuring hunky shirtless men, this morning I confronted the following fellow on Facebook:


I call him Mr. Chicago — for the City of Broad/Big Shoulders, those shoulders being the feature that makes him stand out among the legion of highly developed hunky men whose photos you can find on the net.


Pecs, abs, and dancing

July 2, 2015

It seems to be one of those weeks. Just after Chris Pratt, we get Magic Mike and his Sexy Gang of Six, reveling in their shirtlessness:

Magic Mike XXL: from left, Stephen Boss (also known as tWitch), Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez in this comedy directed by Gregory Jacobs


Initialisms, raunchy and not

July 2, 2015

An image posted by actor/director Chris Pratt on his Facebook page:


The initialistic abbreviation BJ stands for Beijing here, but of course blowjob will come first to many people’s minds — even though then the t-shirt should go

I ♥︎

And there are more possibilities; it’s in the nature of abbreviations to be multiply ambiguoua.


That goes without

June 30, 2015

From the June 14th NYT Magazine, a “First Words” column by Amanda Hess, “When You ‘Literally Can’t Even’ Understand Your Teenager”:

A little paradox of Internet celebrity is that a YouTube personality can amass millions upon millions of young fans by making it seem as if he’s chatting with each of them one to one. Tyler Oakley, a 26-year-old man who identifies as a “professional fangirl,” is a master of the genre. He has nerd glasses, pinchable cheeks, a quiff he dyes in shades of blue and green and more YouTube subscribers than Shakira. Some of his teenage admirers have told him that he is the very first gay person that they have ever seen. He models slumber party outfits and gushes over boy bands, giving the kids who watch him from their bedrooms a peek into a wider world.


In March 2012, Oakley faced the camera, balanced a laptop in his sightline and paged through a photo set of the curly-haired actor Darren Criss, whose turn as a hunky gay singer in “Glee” made him a fixture of teenage dreams. In these new pictures, which had just been leaked online, Criss was lounging on a beach wearing only a pair of low-rise jeans and a layer of perspiration. Oakley’s videotaped reaction was exultant. “I literally cannot even,” he informed his fans. “I can’t even. I am unable to even. I have lost my ability to even. I am so unable to even. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!”

Criss in high-hunky (almost shirtless) mode:


Soon, Oakley’s groupies had immortalized his soliloquy in GIF form: “Can’t” upon “can’t,” looping forever. Now they could conjure the GIF whenever they felt so overcome by emotion that they couldn’t even complete a thought. Oakley was not the first to recast the sentence fragment “I can’t even” as a stand-alone expression. He just helped shepherd it out of the insular realm of Tumblr fandom and into the wide-open Internet.



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