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March 5, 2014

Today’s goofy Zippy:



A grab-bag of stuff here, beyond the 60s clothes: the playful coolth (which has been around for some time) and Clauditude (certainly special to Zippy); the punning allusion to John Donne’s “Ask not for whom the bells toll; they toll for thee”; and the extra language play in the title, on polyester.

Eleganza Fashions (aka African Eleganza Fashions) is still in business, but in much reduced form; its Facebook page says it’s located at

2045 University Blvd #4 (BEHIND DUNKIN DONUTS), Hyattsville, Maryland

More Santa skin

December 19, 2013

Following up on Santa skivvies (here), here’s a Skintight Santa Costume on BoingBoing 12/16:


This year’s Santa skivvies

December 17, 2013

(Not a lot about language.)

Time for this year’s bulletin on the Santa Skivvy run in Boston:



More bottoms and tops

October 29, 2013

From Chris Hansen on Facebook, this new contribution to the clothing bottom/top thread:

Previous installments, with explanations of the sexual senses of bottom and top:

7/11/11 “Active bottoms”

1013/11 “More bottoms”: Big and Tall Bottoms

3/29/13 “Colored bottoms”

House men

October 27, 2013

(Not really about language, but just about popular culture on a Sunday morning.)

Re-runs of House have been going past me this morning. On the show, from Wikipedia:

House (also known as House, M.D.) is an American television medical drama that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004 to May 21, 2012. The show’s main character is Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital … in New Jersey.

The show is formulaic, tying medical drama (with the team running through a series of diagnoses in the face of baffling symptoms) into the seriocomic soap-operatic drama of the characters’ lives.


Swiss shirtlessness

October 21, 2013

From Amanda Walker, this link to a piece from The Local: Switzerland’s News in English, on “In Pictures: Shock! Farmers in underpants are models!”. Ok, it combines Switzerland (one of my two ancestral lands), shirtlessness, and underwear — three topics of interest to me personally. I have my shallow days.

A controversy has erupted after an annual calendar featuring buff Swiss farmers was exposed for showing “pretty boy” models in their place. Have a look at these pictures from the 2014 Schweizer Bauernkalendar and judge for yourself. Should they have used 12 genuine farmers instead?

The cover:


An item in the huge genre of Hunk Calendars — firemen, farmers, bodybuilders, male hustlers, what have you, in several languages and social contexts. Affording the pleasures of contemplating the male body. Some of them purport to present genuine members of the category in question, others (like the Boys Next Door) are obviously fantasy fodder using male models. The problem with Schweizer Bauernkalendar & Alpenboys is that it cuts across these lines (as you might have expected from Alpenboys).


Shirtless hypallage

October 15, 2013

From recent postings on shirtlessness:

I didn’t find really stunning shirtless photos of them [Riley and Xander] separately, but I did come across a manip … of the two of them in carnal congress (link)

Shirtless photos of [Christopher] Reeve are surprisingly hard to come by. (link)

Tim [Lincecum] has a huge fan following, and others have scoured the net for shirtless photos of him (link)

Shirtless photos of X. Note that the photos aren’t shirtless, X is; the expression is roughly paraphrasable as photos of X shirtless or photos of a shirtless X. That is, the modifier shirtless appears in construction not with the N it belongs with semantically, but with a different N (in this case, the head N of the expression). This is the figure of speech known as the transferred epithet or hypallage, and we’re seen it before on Language Log and this blog.


Yet another -kini

October 15, 2013

From Karen Chung on Facebook, this story from 8/21/12 (note the date), “The Latest Chinese Beach Craze – Face-kini”:

A new kind of swimwear trend is sweeping the Chinese beaches in Qingdao in eastern China’s Shandong province. As the weather get hotter, both men and women are seen appearing on the beaches wearing full body suits that cover from head to toe. The upper part of the swimsuit has a ski-mask with holes cut out at appropriate places to leave the eyes, nose and mouth exposed, giving the wearer an odd Lucha libre look. The Netizens are calling the swimwear “face-kinis”

The mask[s] are a way for Chinese bathers to protect their skin from the sunburn, but it turns out that they are equally handy at repelling insects and jellyfish.


Model cats

October 11, 2013

(Not much about language.)

From Laura Staum Casasanto, a link to a site on “Cats that look like male models”. Pure silliness.

Not all the men can fairly be described as male models; some are just actors. Take Robert Downey Jr., in this pairing:



Alan Ritchson (and Justin Hartley)

October 3, 2013

(Not about language, but about shirtless actors, mostly in underwear.)

An episode of Smallville that came by in reruns this morning featured hunky actor Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, a superhero with an assortment of water-related superabilities. Later in the series comes Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (played by Justin Hartley), yet another superhero. Superman (played by Tom Welling) along with Green Arrow and Aquaman:


(All three men are tall: Hartley and Welling at 6′3″, Ritchson at 6′2″.)



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