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Flaunting it

September 2, 2015

About the display of the male body, but also about gesture and facial expression.

Today, from the Daily Jocks people, an ad for products from the Pump! firm, specifically for a line of socks for working out, but with links to the company’s larger catalogue, which tends to feature underwear models “projecting steamy desirability” (as I put it in my Rafael Nadal posting) — in fact projecting a male-hustler persona while teasingly flaunting the pleasures of their bodies.

There’s shirt-lifting (focused on the abs), pants-lowering in the front (pointing towards the crotch), pants-lowering in the back (pointing towards the butt-crack), and armpit displays. The models stare intently into the viewers’ eyes, narrowing their own eyes (signalling arousal combined with dominance, rather than anger), and sometimes opening their lips slightly (another sign of arousal). They are scruffily hypermasculine, projecting not fitness and athleticism, but intense, even urgent, sexuality.


To exist

August 28, 2015

The current ad from Daily Jocks, with an intensely reflective underwear model and an AMZ caption:

In the ghostly green-
Blue light of the
Organometron, Brandon
Became obsessed with the
Power and beauty of
His crotch.

On the fashion front

August 27, 2015

(Another excursion into displays of the male body.)

Recent hot news in the fashion world: tennis great Rafael Nadal has moved from mere sexy (mostly shirtless) fashion modeling (for Armani) to hard-core underwear modeling (for Tommy Hilfiger). Here he is, just barely in his Tommys and projecting steamy desirability:


This is a performance, entirely self-aware, of body display, designed to provoke desire in straight women and gay men and to inspire envious imitation in men, straight or gay (as I sometimes say, the aim is for the first to fantasize doing him, the second being him). Rafa presents himself just the way men who make their livings as underwear models do; see my other postings on underwear models, for example my Daily Jocks postings.

Rafa is good at this, and he’s experienced: see photos #1, #3, and (from his Armani days) #4 in my “Tennis hunks” posting.

Meanwhile, a fair number of celebrated male athletes have done modeling, and of course they’ve posed for photographs for publications like Men’s Health and magazines in their sports (where they serve as models of athleticism and fitness), in addition to being caught unposed in other photos. But very few of these men achieve anything like Rafa’s presentation of self, and most wouldn’t think of trying. At the moment, Rafa is the Mark Wahlberg of jock fashion.

Now for some examples.


The Monthly Underwear Club

August 11, 2015

(Mostly about men’s bodies. Not much language.)

Today’s offering from Daily Jocks introduces the Monthly Underwear Club:

Fresh underwear,
Every month.


Dick Absalom used to deliver for
The Fresh Veggie Club, but then
He decided to follow
His name.


Gary Carr

August 3, 2015

(About the actor, not really about language.)

In yesterday’s posting on Danny John-Jules, in a cast photo (#1) for the tv series Death in Paradise: in the back, on the right, the handsome actor Gary Carr, who played the character Fidel Best from 2011-14. A very brief take from Wikipedia:

Gary Carr (born, 11 December 1986, London) is an English stage, film and television actor, dancer and musician.

(His family history goes back to the Yorubas of Nigeria, then to London by way of the Carbbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.) An arresting presence, and an interesting actor in a variety of roles.


Shirtless shark-fighting teens

July 26, 2015

(Not much on language, but entertaining nonetheless.)

What unites SoCal teens, shirtless dancers, and fighters of flying sharks? Take a moment to think.


A dash of ornamental hunkiness

July 25, 2015

(Not about language.)

Caught in an episode of Charmed — season 2, episode 9, “Ms. Hellfire” (1/13/00) — the symbol of solid but amiable masculinity Antonio Sabàto, Jr. Cast against type as a villain, but a charming, sexy villain.


Three on the prowl

July 24, 2015

(The latest ad from the Daily Jocks people, with a caption from me. Not about language.)

Their new jockstraps
Unleashed their
Raw bestial spirits.

Mark Feuerstein

July 21, 2015

This morning’s adventure with the Acting Corps, in the character Eric Speicher in Law & Order‘s “Bible Story” (s16 e11, 12/7/05):


That would be Mark Feuerstein.


Television watch: Erik Palladino

July 20, 2015

On cable tv this morning, an episode of Law & Order: SVU (the disturbing “Damaged”, s4 e11 from 1/10/03) with Erik Palladino as the tough but sympathetic Det. Dave Deuthorn. Palladino’s another hard-working regular in both tv and movies.



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