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Gary Carr

August 3, 2015

(About the actor, not really about language.)

In yesterday’s posting on Danny John-Jules, in a cast photo (#1) for the tv series Death in Paradise: in the back, on the right, the handsome actor Gary Carr, who played the character Fidel Best from 2011-14. A very brief take from Wikipedia:

Gary Carr (born, 11 December 1986, London) is an English stage, film and television actor, dancer and musician.

(His family history goes back to the Yorubas of Nigeria, then to London by way of the Carbbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.) An arresting presence, and an interesting actor in a variety of roles.


Shirtless shark-fighting teens

July 26, 2015

(Not much on language, but entertaining nonetheless.)

What unites SoCal teens, shirtless dancers, and fighters of flying sharks? Take a moment to think.


A dash of ornamental hunkiness

July 25, 2015

(Not about language.)

Caught in an episode of Charmed — season 2, episode 9, “Ms. Hellfire” (1/13/00) — the symbol of solid but amiable masculinity Antonio Sabàto, Jr. Cast against type as a villain, but a charming, sexy villain.


Three on the prowl

July 24, 2015

(The latest ad from the Daily Jocks people, with a caption from me. Not about language.)

Their new jockstraps
Unleashed their
Raw bestial spirits.

Mark Feuerstein

July 21, 2015

This morning’s adventure with the Acting Corps, in the character Eric Speicher in Law & Order‘s “Bible Story” (s16 e11, 12/7/05):


That would be Mark Feuerstein.


Television watch: Erik Palladino

July 20, 2015

On cable tv this morning, an episode of Law & Order: SVU (the disturbing “Damaged”, s4 e11 from 1/10/03) with Erik Palladino as the tough but sympathetic Det. Dave Deuthorn. Palladino’s another hard-working regular in both tv and movies.


Television watch: David James Elliott

July 17, 2015

In an episode of CSI: NY, a very familiar face and voice appeared this morning, but I couldn’t place the actor. Information on the man in question gave me his name — David James Elliott — but that didn’t help. Wikipedia to the rescue:

David James Elliott (born September 21, 1960) is a Canadian American actor who was the star of the series JAG, playing lead character Harmon Rabb Jr. from 1995 to 2005.

Ah yes, the handsome, solid guy from JAG with the great smile.


Jeri Ryan and Luke Perry and more

July 14, 2015

I realize I should be out storming prisons today, but I seem to be caught up in actorly stuff again, so no Bastille action and also very little about language.

In the past few days, it seems that every other tv show I see on cable reruns features Jeri Ryan prominently. Yesterday it was an episode of Leverage (season 1, episode 13, “The Future Job”), in which the familiar face that appeared early in the show was, yes, Luke Perry.

I’ll start with Ryan, go on to Leverage, and then engage Perry and follow these leads to some other tv shows.


Fletcher and a trail of associations

July 12, 2015

Today’s morning name was the family name Fletcher. Just that, to start with. It looks like an occupational name, like Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Carpenter, Farmer, or Hunter, but referring to an occupation that is now rare (Carter ‘comeone who transports goods by cart or wagon’, Cooper ‘barrel maker’, Cutler ‘knife maker’). And so it is. From NOAD2

a person who makes and sells arrows. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French flechier, from fleche ‘arrow.’

An enormous number of people have the family name Fletcher; I’ll look at two here, one real (the actress Louise Fletcher) and one fictional (the investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, known as Fletch). But first, the adaptation of the family name to a personal name, as in Fletcher Christian.


Waterside trio

July 12, 2015

(Not about language.)

The latest from the Daily Jocks people:

Killer abs and pecs:
A dance for three

Oblivious to his
Effect on men
Dominates the beach

Wrests his gaze
Away from the
Body he lusts after

Freshly ensnared by
Desire for Tony
Embracing him

It will
Not end well.


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