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Be like Schwa

February 1, 2016

From Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, who got it from the All Things Linguistic site (maintained by Gretchen McCulloch, who’s appeared several times on ths blog), this punning instance of the new Be Like Bill meme:



The toy poodle

January 22, 2016

Yet another cartoon — and there are more in the queue.

Today’s Mother Goose and Grimm, with a cute play on the ambiguity of toy:


butt/booty, dial/call

January 20, 2016

Yesterday’s Rhymes With Orange:

The nouns butt and booty overlap in their uses, and so do the verbs dial and call, and so do the related nouns dial and call. However… the compound nouns butt dial and booty call (also the related verbs butt dial and booty call) are both slang idioms, and they aren’t at all interchageable.


Penis size in the steam room

January 16, 2016

Today’s Steam Room Stories (which you can view here) circled around once again to a topic always of fascination to the young men in the steamroom: penis size. One guy confessed that he was down because his girlfriend freaked out as they were getting into serious love-making. He’d warned her that he had an infant-size penis, and she was cool with that, but then when it came time for his pants to come off, she freaked. Oh, his steamroom buddy says, that’s totally insulting, to reject a guy because he has a little penis. No, no, the first guy said, I didn’t warn her that I have a penis the size of an infant’s, but that I have a penis the size of an infant: 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 18 inches long. His buddy asks to see, and is then suitably astounded. The big reveal:


Five cartoons for the penultimate day

December 30, 2015

Cartoons have been coming my way in an avalanche recently. Here are five for New Year’s Eve Eve, from four different sources (there are two Zippys) and on four different themes (there are two featuring the Grim Reaper).


boxboys and transitive bottoming

December 29, 2015

(Lots of plain talk about bodies and sexual practces, so not for kids or the sexually modest. But also plenty of stuff of linguistic interest.)

An ad for a Christmas sale on gay porn at an aggregation site for porn (of all sorts) that fills my mailbox with offers, most of which I just trash, but in this case… Here’s the ad, with the sale details cropped out:


We’re left with six naked guys in Santa caps (ohhh, Santa baby!), their genitals covered by the (Christmas) packages and boxes they’re carrying. They’re presented as hot gay men cruising and admiring one another’s endowments — and in the case of one man, Gay 1, reaching into his neighbor’s box to handle its contents.


Odds and ends 12/20/15

December 20, 2015

(There’s some gay sex stuff in the last section, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Four items that have come my way recently, all with some language play in them. Two are Christmas-related: a Green Eggs and Ham tie and a Rhymes With Orange cartoon. One has a jokey wine label. One has a wonderful invented name for a gay pornstar (and that leads to Arab characters in gay porn).


Know your eels

December 18, 2015

From Facebook friends, this cute cartoon by Wayno:


The composites electric eel and electric guitar, both with the pseudo-adjective electric, but in two different senses. Then there’s electric guitar vs. the retronym acoustic guitar (for what, until the introduction of electric guitars, was known simply as a guitar). Then

electric guitar : acoustic guitar  ::  electric eel : X

and X is acoustic eel.


Go H+A+R+D

December 16, 2015

From Daily Jocks this morning, this ad:


Kendall has a rock-hard body and a
Menacing look, but he’s a
Muscle bottom who wants only
Black tops for sex – for years he
Searched for one who would
Humiliate and verbally abuse him
During sex but affectionately
Treasure his cute ass when they’re done
Playing – now he’s accepted M-Dig as
Master, they have matching black
Strap Jocks, and Kenny Boy is being
Fitted for a collar, happy man





December 11, 2015

(Lots of gay sex stuff in here, so use your judgment.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad:


BCNÜ have launched their all new Varsity collection of sports tanks and shorts!
The slick, sporty gear has been designed for the active man, with form-fitting contouring and mesh paneling for extra breathability.
Both tanks and shorts are made from polyester and elastane fabric and come in 3 color styles so you can match up your complete workout look!

The ad inspired me to write a fantasy short story, in the form of (relatively) long-line free verse.



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